2015 C3 Line-Up

Thrills, Chills and Fairy Tales: 6 PM-Sanford and Son ~ Children’s lit authors Kimberly Derting (The Body Finder), Jennifer Shaw Wolf (Dead Girls Don’t Lie), and Jennifer Chushcoff (Snowflakes) spin tales of enchantment, romance, and thrilling murder mysteries. Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles) hosts. All Ages.

It’s Kind Of a Funny Story: 6 PM-Embellish Multispace Salon ~ Join William Turbyfill (Field of Turby), Alec Clayton (The Freedom Trilogy) and Aaron Flett (comedian/with a work in progress) while they share intimate shorts that will have you giggling with delight or blushing with embarrassment. All Ages.

HOWL: 6 PM-King’s Books Store ~ Poet Michael Haeflinger (The Days Before) performs Allen Ginsberg’s literary work, HOWL in its entirety accompanied by Cellist Micaela Cooley to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Six Gallery reading where HOWL was first performed for a live audience. All Ages.

CC Favorite Faces: 6 PM-The Forum ~ To say this line-up of up and coming scribes including Titus Burley, Jonny Eberle, Nick Stillman and Nicole McCarthy are destined for literary greatness would be an accurate description. Creative Colloquy has had the honor of publishing their words and is looking forward to their inevitably, wildly successful larger literary works when they are published and you will be too. 21+

7 PM

Motherhood/Otherhood: 7 PM-King’s Books Store ~ University of Puget Sound presents Laura Krughoff (My Brother’s Name), Renee Simms (Salon, The Feminist Wire) Suzanne Warren (Narrative, The Prague Revue) and host Tiffany MacBain (Creative Colloquy) as they guide the audience through works centered around the human condition of identity and personhood. All Ages.

The Final Frontier: 7 PM-Odd Otter Brewing ~ Science Fiction fans can join authors Christian Carvajal (Lightfall, Mr. Klein’s Wild Ride) and Erik Hanberg (The Lattice Trilogy, Arthur Beautyman Mysteries) as they boldly go where no man has gone before, well figuratively anyways. Really you’ll be sipping locally crafted brews and listening to stories of cosmic proportion. All Ages.

Celebrating Oral Tradition With Drunken Telegraph: 7 PM-Doyle’s Public House ~ Co-founders of Drunken Telegraph, Megan Sukys and Tad Monroe, along with Drunken Telegraph alum Jane Brazell share true life tales on the theme of “The Harder They Fall.” 21+

Painting to the Tune of a Story: 7 PM-Harmon Taproom ~ Explore the mediums in which a story can be told with Melissa Thayer (The Stories We Don’t Tell) narrating her brand of literary fiction that tends to convey the vulnerabilities and strengths of the human condition, accompanied by artist Starheadboy who will be painting, live, to the tune of a story. 21+

UW Tacoma Presents the 2015/16 Staff of Tahoma West: 7 PM-B Sharp Coffee House ~ Janie Miller (Alice Blue Books, FutureCycle Press), Co-Editors in Chief Chelsea Vitone and Sabrina Burns, Nonfiction Editor Ipek Saday, Fiction Editor Sarah Crawford and Poetry Editor Zak Pelland will spin genre, discover the wild and have you smelling the air. All Ages.

8 PM

Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out: 8 PM-Harmon Taproom ~ Andras Jones (Accidental Initiations) and  Gabriel D. Roberts (The Hermit) challenge the conventional while presenting their works. Part memoir, part travel guide, and all the more compelling with a peppering of synchronistic spirituality and the sometimes psychedelic. 21+

Intertwinings, Alone: 8 PM-Doyle’s Public House ~ Playwright, Nick Stokes (Affair) and Screenwriter, Jenni Prange Boran (The Blue Bunny) collaborate to present a dramatic reading of two isolated monologues woven between worlds. 21 +

Rhythm n Rhyme: 8 PM-B Sharp Coffee House ~ Lucas Smiraldo (The Thing That Gathers), Elijah “Six Deep the Messenger” Mu’ied, Sandy King and Elizabeth Beck (accompanied by songstress Champagne Honeybee) will hit a chord as they weave their tales using poetic prose and the spoken word. All Ages.

20 to Life: 8 PM- The Forum ~ Mark Lindquist (The King of Methlahem, Never Mind Nirvana) and Jack Cameron (Tacoma Stories, Ruin Your Life) will be hosted by Joshua Swainston (The Tacoma Pill Junkies, Creative Colloquy) for tales of crime, justice, noir, and the delicate balance between good and evil. 21+

The Artistry of Visual Narration: 8 PM-Destiny City Comics ~ Stories can be conveyed with more than a pen to paper, artists Michaela Eaves (42 Sketches), Colleen Frakes (Prison Island) and Dan Martin (Green Flash/Street Sign Project) talk about their tools of the trade, where brush to canvas or even duct tape to concrete can translate from images to a story told and a message conveyed. All Ages.