• Summer of Love: 1969 – 2009 by Heather Pilder Olson

    It’s the Summer of Love revisited: 40 years since the original. Have we made progress? Or have we regressed, impressed now With technology, getting connected On Facebook and Twitter and can you Tweet free love?   There is war on and we do not march for peace. There is a recession and we don’t protest in the street. Are we complacent?  Do we care? Should we still wear flowers in our hair? Can we feel free love when we don’t feel free? Can you come talk instead of texting me?   Are we better off or just more lonely?

  • Part 1: The Trilogy of the Special One: Veil Over Her Eyes by Lawander Thompson

    Bellania had her first taste of traveling when she was five years. She recalls that time when she was sitting proudly next to her mother in the window seat staring out onto the landscape. It was like looking through a large view master. Everything was in 3D, very vivid with colorful landscapes passing her by as the train moved steady ahead. This was so exciting for her because she had never really been on a long journey before but there would be many more to come, beyond what she knew as earthly travels.  She loved to sit quietly and count how many houses, trees, cows, or cars she passed by…

  • Like a Crime Scene by Christina Butcher

    criminal   you lay curled and coiled as a snake on the pavement   hot as the sun rising or a light so strong that it blinds me   breaks me all to pieces in the face of you and  

  • Youssef by Sabrina Schongalla

    Stepping outside your comfort zone can teach you a lot about yourself, about life, and about how limited your understanding of the world really is.  It was about 110 degrees in Marrakech, Morocco each day I spent wandering the streets near Jemaa el-Fnaa one recent July. The souks were packed with tourists like us dodging the bustling crowds, trying to avoid being hit by the passing horse-drawn carts and the motorcycles zipping through the narrow streets as vendors called to us to step inside their nooks and purchase their wares.  Because Ramadan had fallen in July this year the mosques called out the routine prayers over loudspeakers and no one…