• The Fog Will Rise Over White-Tailed Deer by Christina Butcher

    At some point During the greying seasons of our lives, We will all outgrow even the best of our winter coats. We’ll realize with thin-lipped smiles That the great, woolen beasts which sheltered us in our youth Must be folded and pressed away Into the dusty corners of life’s closet. Instinctively, we’ll shrug the jackets from our shoulders And peel our skins down to the newest, blushing layers, Marveling at the lightness of our bodies as the wind stings our cheeks.

  • The Canuck’s Finger by joe wilson

    You know, I once rode in a car with a man who’d just had his finger cut off. Yes it’s true, and the finger was in the back seat of the car as well. The scene wasn’t as weird as it may sound to you. Maybe it was. I don’t know. You lose touch about what is weird and what is not after a while—when you’ve kicked around as much as I have with all them freaks, psychos, drunks and junkies. There were good reasons for the entire matter . . . logical ones. I know how you modern folk are—can’t stand for anything that ain’t rooted in logic. Mystical?…

  • Travellers, a novel excerpt by Timothy Ready

    It’s not commonly known, but tornadoes do on occasion tear through New England, have been known to cause massive damage when this occurs, and it was just such a violent storm and its aftermath which had changed so much of Brian McReynolds’s life when he was just a boy of seven—now fully twenty-one years before he and his traveling companion Ditch were stuffing beef jerky and Twinkies down their pants while the cashier was busy counting change at a dingy convenience store on the outskirts of Spokane, Washington. Brian grew up, predictably and somewhat fittingly, on the wrong side of the railroad tracks that bisected West Warwick, Rhode Island. It…

  • Boneyard Dog by Carl “Papa” Palmer

    Jackie called the station complaining of a growling dog at Saint Matthew’s Cemetery on Old Mill Road. It seems this hound was protecting a bone, later identified as a human thumb bone, not a major issue out in the sticks, but then we received a call the very next day that the dog had returned, this time with a shoe containing a human foot. Big news in Ridgeway,  but then on day three, yes, the dog was back, this time with a knee. Day 1 – a thumb Day 2 – a shoe Day 3 – a knee