• Who Says Quack by Justin Teerlink

    The Adventure Journal of Theodore Roosevelt (Bound in panda-bear leather) February 12th, 1911      Since our guide has no command of the English language, we were left to puzzle over the meaning of his. Normally, languages are not my field, and I could feel my impatience rising like a bubble of indigestion in my rotund belly. But we all strained our ears and I checked my temper, for what our guide was hitherto attempting to communicate was the very name of our enigmatic quarry.      “Seesitch,” he said.      “Seasick?” I tried.      “Seeeesaquik,” he enunciated.      “Sneezelick?” said Kermit.      “Sesqak! Sesqqak!”      “I hear you, man,” I said. “Sasquatch!” He shook his head as though…

  • Written Off by Rich Furman

    Fog demands faith you typically do not possess. Peering over you the tops of your knuckles; you have perhaps ten feet visibility, which means those random hands and eyes you cannot know possess the same potential, and determine you as much as your own skill or volition. What is this, clouds upon the earth? Earth revolving toward the atmosphere, forever spinning and seeking? It is always about where you stand, and the direction you cast a given sense. But driving east on Pioneer Parkway, liminal between Tacoma, Puyallup and Weller, the volcano creeps upon you. You resist giving into another fog, this milky ghost of despair. Feel it. Take it…

  • Late Spring Barbecue by Erik Carlsen

    Don’t use that kind of language When the pig is on the spit Did you see that ember Clocking across the whole yard Landing next to the mole on her arm Exposed between slits in her fashionable dress Who does he pretend he is with when she is getting ready That man standing next to her With his hair around his shoulders Like he has no other option

  • Foxgloves by Christina Butcher

    Firers Lock and load your magazine Remember Neustadt Where you traipsed along the edges of dusty vineyards Heading toward a stand of foxgloves Drooping in the sun Primrose carousels calling you To drop all pretense, to Ready yourself on the left Ready on the right.