• Allium Makes One Wish Before the Shootout by Daniel Wolfert

    Introductory Note From the Author      A few weeks before I began writing this story, I was listening to the radio and an old folk song called “Lily of the West” came on. In the song, some men fight over a pretty girl who is colloquially called “The Lily of the West” because of her delicate beauty. This irritated me because it implied this girl’s only notable traits were her beauty and delicacy. The song did get me thinking, however, about what title I would want if I lived in a Wild West-style world, and after much deliberation, the answer I came up with was “The Onion of the West.” The…

  • Archaeologist by Russ Van Rooy

    I am anxious and neurotic. Uncomfortable within my skin, I do what I can to hide it from you, while I pick and pull at the dry, dead surface. I am an archaeologist

  • Green Man by Burl Battersby

    They say it is because of all the green tea in China, And because someone somewhere said a prayer That carried here in the air, That you have become a Green Man again.