“Reviving Tacoma’s Cultural Heartbeat” by Blaine Johnson

Tacoma wouldn’t be a fully formed city without the Theater District. It would have commerce, houses and apartments, hotels and offices, schools and hospitals, businesses large and small, governmental and social services, a mix of entertainment and recreational facilities, all the things that make for a generally workable municipal organism. It would be, in essence, a functioning body – but, lacking a heart.Continue reading →

“Seeing Neko Case at the Pantages Theater The Day After Donald J. Trump Was Elected President of the United States” by Daniel Person

We were late in buying tickets, which put us in the nosebleeds. It was alright. We’d seen Neko before.

In Seattle, at the Paramount. 20 rows back if it was 10. Media seats, free through the Seattle newspaper I wrote for. Perk of the job. Event staff wants the newspaper writer to have a good time, so when he writes about his time, what he writes is good. It’s axiomatic. I had a coworker in the newsroom complain about this once. Free tickets for primo seats, he said, blinds us to all the crap people go through to experience live entertainment: Nonsensical service fees, post-Napster price inflation, secondary markets, bot buyers, seats where all you can hear is bass, seats where all you can hear are echoes. I paid him no mind. You know what they say about gift horses.Continue reading →

“Frank” by Fishspit

Yeah, I felt like I was thrown away, tossed to the hyenas.

When I experienced my first bout of mental illness at age 13, I lived in a place where mental health treatment wasn’t looked upon with favor, or not looked at in any manner. There certainly weren’t any school counselors, not like today. I’m bitter about that.Continue reading →