• Fiction,  Short Story

    Insomnia by Saeed Tavakkol

    “Don’t. Don’t make a move. Let me crush you right on the spot. You’ll be punished for invading my privacy in the middle of the night. I declared his death sentence with a swatter in my hand, but the fly on the wall wasn’t scared at all. He was mocking me with his repulsive compound eyes the very moment I issued the death warrant. The second I raised my hand, he flew off the wall and crashed into the window glass, and circled the room like a maniac. I patiently waited for the right time. After the maneuver, he landed on the curtain rod and I took the rare opportunity…

  • Poetry

    The Valley of Nowhere by Lorna McGinnis

    The wide white wall Of clouds blurring together, Like ordinary days. The long gray road Smeared with tire streaks— The transient traces Of those racing through, In search of off ramps. Cars hurtling towards the mountains, Sketched against the coming hours. To continue reading The Vally of Nowhere click here.

  • Fiction,  Short Story

    The False Start by The Red Hat Man (Craig Rounds)

    Mr. Good Employee got up this morning, got dressed in his good employee uniform, made sure he had his ear plugs, pens and a smile on his face. He left for work, as had been arranged clear back on Friday. Mr. Good Employee gets to work before he said he would be there. He checks the doors and all six of them are locked, the garage door is down. He sees the lights of the office are on like someone has been in there recently. But nothing is happening. No orders for deliveries are on the table. Someone has already been and gone. Mr. Good Employee calls the national office…

  • Poetry

    I Love the Mythology of Monsters Emerging by M. Morford

    I love the mythology of monsters emerging from the darkest of woods, Of spirits brought forth in rage by a human transgression, Its presence called out To avenge a human violation. We dig into the earth as if it was ours to dissect, Our machines and unleashed greed Take us far past where our sense would take us. Nothing is sacred when nothing is held back. In these hands, and under these eyes, Peace is as fragile and elusive as sleep. To continue reading I Love the Mythology of Monsters Emerging click here.

  • Short Story

    The Collective Story titled “No, the Future” from the contributors at the Downtown Block Party 2014

    On Saturday (8/16) at the Downtown Block Party, Creative Colloquy opened a big book and asked everyone who was interested to add a line to our story. There were simple rules: – Add one line or two – No hate, profanity, or sexually suggestive themes – Published Monday 8/18 – After that it was a free for all. The contributors were only given the previous page (approx. 5 lines) to work from before adding their own. Contributors ranged in age from 4 to 70. They were at all levels of writing skills, and equally at all levels of imagination. This is what (roughly) 75 Downtown Block Party patrons came up…

  • Crime,  Fiction,  Short Story

    Eleventh Hour Brother – An Arthur Beautyman Mystery By Erik Hanberg

    The state of South Dakota would have executed an innocent man if Arthur Beautyman hadn’t cleared the alleged killer’s name from a sofa three hundred miles away. Deidre Kirkpatrick, a wealthy 96-year-old recluse, had been found with a charred cantaloupe-sized hole in her chest. The list of suspects was short. Her only visitors anymore were her two sons and the medics who were regularly summoned by her medical alert pendant. When the police located her son Ethan, they discovered his left hand was blackened and missing two fingers. A result of the same explosion that had killed his mother? Had Ethan rigged a miniature explosive device to kill her, accidentally…

  • Poetry

    The Community Garden by Michael Haeflinger

    Nothing beats a hard day’s work. Among snap pea trestles and tomato plant cages, I breathe deeply decomposition. Gone are barges of iron frame ghost rails and gone are board-ups of the imagination. It’s just me and the dirt and the morning To continue reading The Community Garden click here

  • Fiction,  Novel Excerpt

    Into the Storm – An excerpt from The Backside of Nowhere By Alec Clayton edited for Creative Colloquy

    Sheriff Randy Moss is an uninvited guest at Pop Lawrence’s hurricane party. He says, “Oh, hi. Um, Shelly asked me to come in.” Not everyone returns his greeting. David and Mary refuse to speak to him. Melissa turns her back and walks into the kitchen, brushing right past him, pours herself a big shot of straight whiskey and swigs it down, and then pours herself another and carries it down the hallway. She goes into a bedroom and kicks the door shut behind her. A huge crack of thunder shakes the house. Outside the sky is almost as dark as night, but floodlights aimed at the front walk and out…

  • Memoir,  Short Story

    My Prostitute Story By William Turbyfill

    This is my one and only story with a prostitute that I am aware of. It snowed for the past few days and the city of Tacoma only saw fit to plow every other street. Back then, I worked downtown at a call center and got off work at 1am. I walked to my car parked 3 blocks away listening to the spillover of a nearby club making raucous noises in the streets. My poor car. The driver side door was forever secure and needed me to enter the passenger side so that I might crawl over the gear shift in order to drive her. Upon entering I noticed two…

  • Fiction,  Short Story

    Chuy and Friends by Daniel Rahe

    It was clear the instant they drove into the campground that this would not be the kind of camping adventure warmly recalled years later. The site itself was faultless — a shady valley divided by a creek that emptied into a mountain lake. For the two young couples crammed into a Subaru that would still smell like a new car if not for the can of beer that had spilled on the carpet, who had driven across the entirety of a state to be here, a dream was about to be dashed. And what a beautiful dream: old friends huddled beside a popping-hot fire under the stars, drinking from a…