“Finding Love at 39: A Sonnet” by Gale Hemmann

The white deer is a rare and beautiful creature reported to be spotted in the Pacific Northwest, in the dreams of tired mothers and the buying of unsent, but pristinely kept, valentines.


A white deer runs across my dreams now.

Laundry, work, walks circling the same streets.

To invite this same deer by day, but how?

Not chase it, but invite it lie next to me.


At the park, the families walk in neat trios

At the store, they stand together in line:

call and response, response and call; and me

Summoning deer bound into this scene.


In a coupled world, what’s one to do?

But wish and wait and dream

of a bold white deer, making old pastures new

leaping fences over days and rhyme.


Is it in twilight only we keep believing?

But we still see it, still know it’s living.


Gale Hemmann is a Tacoma resident who grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Hemmann works at a nonprofit by day as a financial coach and case manager for low-income clients, and she likes digging into her creative side (and making sonnet-sense of everyday life) with poetry and the occasional freelance articles in her off time, as well as volunteer grant projects. Hemmann also loves running and has been known to join up with Tacoma Runners where she can greet the sky and recharge her batteries.