Politely Decline by Sandra King

When you’re a seventeen year old bridesmaid
at a wedding reception polka band dance
looking a little too sexy in post-ceremony wardrobe-change coverall pants
and the groomsman who’s six years older than you
shows you the bowie knife he carries
hidden in his cowboy boot,
then asks you, as he crushes another empty beer can,
if you would like to check out the plush carpeting—
freshly installed—in his van,
politely decline;
say something like,
“Perhaps another time.”


Sandra King is an avid fan of the plethora of arts events/activities offered in Tacoma. She has been published in local projects such as Wrist Magazine, the Tacoma Laureate Listening Project, and Creative Colloquy Volume 2, and has had the honor of being a featured reader at a few area venues.