Quiet Light by Lorna McGinnis


Yellow light through smudged window stream,
Soft as a dream.
Cheek pressed to sheet,
Day I don’t greet. 

Bright swells within the rosy room,
Eating the gloom.
Soon I will shift,
And my head lift.

The sunshine gilds my tousled hair,
Drifts in still air.
My eyes unglue,
Blink morning new.

Sea Shade

Shadow haze floats under still sea,
A blackened tree,
A rippling smear
Water calm, clear.

The gloom trembles, etched in sunlight,
Mid-morning bright.
As the day grows
The darkness flows.

Wavering branches plumb the deeps
Where seaweed sleeps
And soft silt drifts,
Tide sweeps and shifts.

Summer Beach

Heat presses down through clear dry air,
A bright white glare
In wide full sky,
Where seagulls fly.

Feathers sigh in the soft noon breeze
That skims the leaves,
A tranquil brush,
A murmured hush.

Water flutters, wavelets lapping,
White foam slapping
The rounded stones,
The sea’s black bones.

Sunset Before the Storm

Puffy clouds swell low and flush pink
As the sun sinks.
As thunder shakes
The evening wakes.

Rainbow gleams across cherry sky,
Time dwindles by.
Gold streaks appear
Night passes near.

The air sits, thick with thoughts of rain,
Opening vein
So drops splash through
The dust renew.


*Lorna McGinnis recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Previously, she has been featured in many Washington literary outlets, including Creative Colloquy. Stories published include: “Like Butterflies,” “Wish Fulfillment,” and “An Email.” In her spare time she reads Agatha Christie and practices martial arts. She recently began a personal/advice blog entitled “Grad Meets World” at ink374.wordpress.com