• Economics by Justin Racine

    Few bits of cash, Looking for some work. Would love the chance, To be this town’s clerk.   Job market’s a mess, Like the dogs presents, Look one way or the other, All to get some cents. To continue reading Economics click here.

  • Arcade Days by Justin Racine

    Players start, Game begins, Choose fighters, Hope to win. Digital art.   Joystick on left, Buttons on right, Fingers twitching, Box of huge heft. Screen so bright.   To continue reading Arcade Days click here.

  • Conflict a Poem by Justin Racine

    In this grey world, Conflict seems the norm, From man to nature, To the bird and the worm.   It doesn’t matter If it is physically waged. It comes from within and without, From short to long ranged. Click here ton continue reading Conflict