“#TRANSFORM” by Christina Butcher

#Let’s break another building down and then doll it up in glitter bombs and glitz.

Let’s call it #revitalized.

Let’s consider the homeless #relocated.

Let’s aim our art like cannons and blast #urbanrenewal all over the walls. Then we can sweep, sweep the bric-a-brac from the streets.


#Let’s not.

Let’s talk about it, instead. This time without invitations or name tapes or excessive checkboxes to indicate lunch preference. #Pescatarian

Let’s stand and #acknowledge the issues at hand:

Our theater district is too dangerous to traverse after dark. The brightness of a marquee cannot fix that.

Needles and glass litter our sidewalks. Replacing concrete with grass will not fix that.

Our homeless live and breathe along these streets. A police sweep, no matter how well-meaning, simply will not change that.


#Let’s not let action circumvent resolution.

Let’s keep talking, instead.

Let’s discuss where to put #safeneedledisposalboxes and consider closing-off the pedestrian tunnel at the Commerce Street Transit Center (#worstideaever #Iprefertolive).

Let’s discuss temporary assistance and #affordablehousing.

Let’s consider why businesses prefer not to conduct business here. No #shoplocal here.


Let’s talk about it all over again – keep talking until we come up with real solutions to our very real problems.

Let’s not jump the gun here.

#Let’s talk.

Christina Butcher is a freelance writer and veteran from Chaparral, New Mexico. Before serving as a linguist in the U.S. Army, she worked on cultural preservation projects and developed a passion for storytelling and community involvement. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from New Mexico State University and a certificate in storytelling and content strategy from Washington State University. She lives and writes in Tacoma, Washington. Christina’s work can be found here : www.writebrave.org.