• New Family by Paul Barach

    Charlie’s parents couldn’t see DeeDee and neither could Charlie, but he was Charlie’s best friend because DeeDee loved to play.

  • “Any of 100 Days, 2014” by James Stuart

    Every morning has become the same. You oversleep by thirty-six minutes. It is a lazy habit – one that has been reinforced by oddly-timed snooze cycles and a general lack of consequences. With each trill of your phone, nine more minutes slip away.

  • “MILK//” by Laila Tova

    Momo use’ta say, coffee nee’ a li’l’ milk; anyt’ing too Black no good and ‘er second son-in-law proved ‘er right by beatin’ ‘is chil’ren for bein’ pure.

  • old hiking partners by Bill Fay

    Author's Note: in tribute to a fellow hiker of the Pacific Northwest. "oh shaman of the meadows, seer of the bear-grass, to light and dark the craggy crevasse, wizard of the wild-weary smile..."

  • Cantankerous Old Man by Chad Lester

    "My dad had a way with words. There’s only a single frayed wire that runs from his brain to his mouth. Much of my life has been spent keeping him on his best behavior."

  • When Trying to Find Yourself by Claire Haindfield

    When you find that you’ve gone missing, Grab your favorite sweater of loose threads and Long-gone snaps. [...] Observe footprints and fingerprints with care-- Pick around for every loose hair-- This is a crime scene now.

  • “Cerebral Leper” by Sterling Warner

    Cerebral Leper A sad-eyed towhead, photographer favorite, epileptic outsider, my Catholic baptism & religious training did little to mitigate ostensible demonic possession amid minds trained to discern right from wrong, pain from pleasure, evil from good; they branded me a shaking peer pariah—best kept at a distance; while schoolmates branded me the class spaz,   teachers treated me an outcast, labeled my affliction a mere electronic brainstorm, cruelly & calculatedly triggered by an irascible child desiring attention, planting lifetime seeds of self-deprecation— sharing painful humor just to survive. An author, poet, educator, and Pushcart nominee, Sterling Warner’s poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, including The Flatbush Review, Literary…

  • “After Seneca Falls” by Bill Fay

    Author’s Note:  The final quote is from Susan B Anthony as she was sentenced for violating the voting laws of New York-1873. the “weaker vessels” drank-up the Potomac potion wearing bloomers hounded by misery, history, trickery by men angered without whiskey the emancipation proclamation in hibernation bounded by chiaroscuro the never bending color line wound-up in blouses with bars in lavender scented tombs heavier than Alice Paul’s three squares in the Pen. the “better halves” carved-up Washington’s monument bearing chisels showered by pillory, injury, quackery by men angered without masculinity the franchise fricasseed sautéed then flambéed hemmed by church picnic Madonna’s the never breaking bible line prayed in parades with…

  • “‘Is Bigfoot a Christian?’ and Other Questions About Life” by Paul Barach

    Frozen in mid-stride, the Bigfoot gazed at us with wide curious eyes. Dan and I weren’t at all afraid. Despite its towering height and gorilla-thick bulk, there was an intelligence in its expression, a human softness beneath the ridges of its ape-like forehead. Coarse brown hair covered the rest of its body; a reminder that however much we wish to see of ourselves in an animal’s eyes, we lost that fur and that wildness long ago. We both knew it wouldn’t be wise to get much closer. Plus, we couldn’t. The doors of what until recently was Denver’s Premier (and only) Bigfoot Museum and Gift Shop were chained shut, decorated…