“After Seneca Falls” by Bill Fay

Author’s Note:  The final quote is from Susan B Anthony as she was sentenced for violating the voting laws of New York-1873.

the “weaker vessels” drank-up
the Potomac potion wearing bloomers
hounded by misery, history, trickery
by men angered without whiskey
the emancipation proclamation in hibernation
bounded by chiaroscuro
the never bending color line
wound-up in blouses with bars
in lavender scented tombs
heavier than Alice Paul’s
three squares in the Pen.

the “better halves” carved-up
Washington’s monument bearing chisels
showered by pillory, injury, quackery
by men angered without masculinity
the franchise fricasseed sautéed then flambéed
hemmed by church picnic Madonna’s
the never breaking bible line
prayed in parades with placards
on back streets in the Bowery
lighter than the value
of Susan B’s rights

the “little ladies” swept-up
the steps of the Capitol with whisk-brooms
dusted by memory, victory, liberty
by men angered by blasphemy
the restitution constitution in resolution
penned by bearded prima donnas
the never moving legal line
votes crack vitro with voices
in stairwells and back benches
to finally end this
“high handed outrage upon my citizen’s rights”

Bill Fay, retired engineer and published poet holds degrees in Fine Arts, Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. He has had work published by the Virginia V Foundation, Creative Colloquy, Puget Sound Poetry, Poetry Pea, and the Haiku Society of America, among others. He is currently working on his forth coming book- Tongueless Bell. Bill resides with his wife, and their two bodacious cats on Fox Island in Puget Sound near Seattle.