An Act of Arson by Trevor Williams

The air

   creates sparks from friction

               with the earth.

The salt in our sweat

        transmutates into nitroglycerin

while we lay on a funeral pyre

   piled up against a red dawn backdrop.

                 We share the same script

            like two apostles kissed by fire   

               In a black box stage

under the night’s spotlight.

                       And then we detonate.

Trevor Williams (He/Him) observes and writes under the alias, The Sidewalk Scribe, bringing his typewriter to public spaces and writes poetry on-demand, based on pedestrian suggestions in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike most of of his pieces, “an act of arson,” is an outlier because it all took place on the internet, a 2nd place winning response to a contest from @revleryinread, for the prompt “kissed by fire.” Trevor Williams has participated in local events both virtual and in person over the years and is thankful for the opportunity to be included in all situations prior to now and those that follow.