Arcade Days by Justin Racine

Players start,

Game begins,

Choose fighters,

Hope to win.

Digital art.


Joystick on left,

Buttons on right,

Fingers twitching,

Box of huge heft.

Screen so bright.


A fire ball,

Quarter-right punch,

A roundhouse,

Quarter-left kick,

Simple pushes.

Hard Maneuvers.


Arcade days,

Decades old,

Marveled Century,

16-bit gold.


Warriors played,

Battleships lost,

Puzzles solved,

Fairly cheap cost.

Gaming evolved.


No limitations,

Sparkling delights,

Fun distractions,

Realities plights,

Worth satisfactions.


Tradition stands,

New and novel,

Old and timeless,

Bits made pixel,

World so grand.