Bevy of Beasts by Fairy Gothmother

The Fairy Godmother is well aware

that you’ve been bullied and teased.

And she’s given you plenty of options

for bringing those fiends to their knees.


There’s no escaping her murder of crows

as their airship floats through the sky.

Clouds of bats will blot out the sun

as a wake of buzzards drops by.


Their autos, bikes and carriages

might swarm with a nest of snakes.

A quiver of cobras and rhumba of rattlers

know how to dismantle the brakes.


Out on their ferry they’ll never be safe

from her armies of frogs and toads.

A cluster of spiders and mischief of mice

will shadow nearby on the roads.


Perhaps a shiver of sharks is the thing

with a fever of stringrays buffet?

But if it’s a plague of locusts you’d like

she’ll send them straight away.


A kettle of vultures might circle their camp

as an unkindness of ravens is ranting.

A stare of owls will help keep watch

as the FG begins her enchanting.


Of course, you could do an outrageous thing:

forgive and move on with your life.

Since vengeance always seems to cause

more pain and long-lasting strife.


(I’d go with the sharks.)