Call Me Queen by Lennée Reid

I hear people talking about pronouns: She, he, they, them, xie, xem.
Ok, well then I too wish to be addressed properly.
So let me make this clear, I am not your baby girl, sweetie, honey, or boo.
I like the sound of Your Majesty. Nothing less will do.
Don’t call me ma’am like some ordinary mother.
Oh, no there is no other like me.
A single rare individual completely in touch with my divinity.
Call me Queen, Regina, Her Royal Highness.
The shit I have risen above, overcome, reached heights higher, highest.
Call me goddess. I bring light through the darkness like Luna.
My womb rides the moon.
I identify with diviner, seer, mystic, guru.
So don’t come talking some shit like chick, cunt, or bitch.
In fact if you fuck with me, I will show you witch.
Conjurer of poems that cast spells and cauldrons of soup that heal wounds.
Call me baby girl one more fucking time I will stick you… with voodoo.
So excuse you, who you thought you knew, how to do what, talk to who, me?
No, too out of the box for common labels.
Madame Griot, Mistress Wordsmith.
I am not your mama.
I will not take your shit, so know this before you come talk to me, remember these two things my name is Lennée and I will answer to My Queen.

*Lennée Reid is a geeky veganish unitarian witch doctor poet activist survivor goddess on the spectrum who doesnt like labels that uses punctuation when she d@mn well pleases smile emoticon period She is trying to make sense of it all and find peace. In addition to her three chapbooks, her poetry was heard on the KAOS 89.3 lit show “Tell It Slant”, exhibited in the University of Puget Sound DIRT! project and the Washington Department of Commerce. Her poems and photos are often published in “Works In Progress”. Lennée is the Olympia Peoples Mic WOWPS 2016 representative and has featured halfway across the country. With her revolutionary poetry she speaks for the trees, shines a light on darkness and advocates for spiritual harmony. Lennée loves organic fair trade anything, road trips, karaoke, and her hometown. Olympia.