Conflict a Poem by Justin Racine

In this grey world,

Conflict seems the norm,

From man to nature,

To the bird and the worm.


It doesn’t matter

If it is physically waged.

It comes from within and without,

From short to long ranged.


Be they matters of the heart,

Or matters of money and gold.

There is nothing one cannot fight,

To get a close hold.


Not to say that it isn’t necessary,

I believe it just should be moderated,

With kindness and compassion,

To not seem like such a mad craven.


Sure the violence and discord,

Is to be somewhat frowned upon,

But without it we couldn’t have revolutions,

Or learn to let go and move on.


So I ask you people,

To carefully reflect,

On the most natural of concepts,

That one cannot simply reject.

Though it is a cruel truth,

It can lead to happiness,

Trust me for a bit,

It’s worth all the sadness.

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