Fireworks by Christina Hendricksen

If there are sparks
you know it’s meant to be.
Fuel and an oxidizer bind together
like summer lovers.
Get yourself someplace cozy and
prepare for blast off.

Indulge in that breathless moment between
lighting the fuse and the explosion, that
moment when your stomach lurches and
you wonder if you truly can pull this off.

Get all caught up in the bang and
the bloom of pyrotechnic stars, because
this is life, because the moon is
no bigger than a fly’s eye, because
tonight the legs of spiders–
red, blue, white–
travel across the sky.



*Christina Hendricksen writes poetry, fiction, and drama. Her play Soft Pink Roses won a Kennedy Center National Student Playwriting Award. Her first volume of poetry will be published forthcomingly by Red Dress Press. She lives in Tumwater, Washington. You can read more of Christina’s poetry here: