For the May Games by Aidan Kelly

Set to “Edi beo thu hevene queen.”

Incense and music spice the air.
The sun lets down her golden hair.
All the shades of wintry care
Hawk their robes at the country fair,
And like a dance, and like a prayer,
The young go naked everywhere.
Blessed be the first of May.
Outdoor [loving] begins today.

Aidan Kelly has been writing poetry for 60 years. He has a BA and MA in poetry writing from San Francisco State. He’s had about three dozen poems published in journals over the decades. His collected poems are on Amazon, with slim volumes of selected poems, and he’s been teaching at the college level since 1979. He’s been an editor for Stanford University Press and Scientific American Books, and has a wife, sister-in-law, and three kids at home.