Insomnia by Saeed Tavakkol

Saeed“Don’t. Don’t make a move. Let me crush you right on the spot. You’ll be punished for invading my privacy in the middle of the night. I declared his death sentence with a swatter in my hand, but the fly on the wall wasn’t scared at all. He was mocking me with his repulsive compound eyes the very moment I issued the death warrant. The second I raised my hand, he flew off the wall and crashed into the window glass, and circled the room like a maniac. I patiently waited for the right time.

After the maneuver, he landed on the curtain rod and I took the rare opportunity to jump off the ground to strike him down. Sure enough, I missed the bastard embarrassingly so I sat to contemplate my next move. Why would a little fly make it mission in life to torment me in the middle of the night? We both knew there was no way out. The door was shut and windows closed; one of us had to fall tonight.

As I was fantasizing the creative ways to destroy my enemy, the insect callously opened another front in the war and suddenly flew right into my face. A split second before clocking me in the eye, he changed his path and violently circled around my head. Now the only way to strike him down was to punch my own face. This charade had gone long enough.

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