Jackie Fender says Bah Humbug

I’d like to make believe I’m roasting chestnuts by an open fire awaiting the time this evening I gather with my festive friends to sing carols around town to brighten holiday spirits but this is not the case. Instead I am dreading embarking on the final leg of my holiday journey which includes scooping up the last items on my little one’s wish lists surrounded by hordes of fellow procrastinators. And that is then followed by an all-nighter of caffeine and wrapping paper catastrophes.

Don’t pretend this doesn’t sound familiar! I’m no Grinch or black hearted Scrooge, surely you’ve felt it before and that’s okay! The cosmos always demand a kind of balance in all things and this does not exclude the holiday season. All that plotting and planning, the hours of decorating and shopping, results in pure joy experienced by the little ones. Memories and family traditions are formed and in that is the payoff. Having the opportunity to make believe again is where the magic lies. We lovingly craft holiday art snipping away at paper snowflakes. We bake the cookies to set upon the hearth. We whisper sweet bedtime stories and repeat, “Santa is coming! Are you excited? What do you think he will bring you? Have you been a good boy?” Knowing full well the items he’s vied after for the past several months are wrapped and waiting for our early morning shenanigans.

I will wake up early, after a late night of stuffing the stockings and eating cookies like a jolly, old, fat man called Saint Nick so as not to miss the glimmer of fascination at the first peak at the wrapped presents. Playing Santa is a divine honor not bestowed on all and should be a revered task, even if leading up to those gleeful squeals of serendipitous discovery and gasps of admiration for what is unearthed while unwrapping can be in a word………a total drag.

With that I wish you all the happiest of holidays. May whatever traditions that are cause for celebration in your home be brimming full of loved ones, delectable food and libations and jubilation.