Late Spring Barbecue by Erik Carlsen

Don’t use that kind of language
When the pig is on the spit

Did you see that ember
Clocking across the whole yard
Landing next to the mole on her arm
Exposed between slits in her fashionable dress

Who does he pretend he is with when she is getting ready
That man standing next to her
With his hair around his shoulders
Like he has no other option
He missed some hairs on the
Underside of his jaw
Shaving before he came here
That is excusable
She does not take him out much
But I imagine he thinks that she is
Always thinking of him
When she is getting dressed
What is the paper
And what is the lace

They put the cheese on the board
And cut it like this so everyone
Gets a part of the nose
It collapsed but
Righting it is nothing
Shift the cargo and close
The portside hatches
Everything moves back now

She had a little burn is all
She put cold water on it and
Pretended to be unaffected
And finished the evening
Only talking about how it felt
Every few minutes
Not like she was complaining
Just stating
That if they had stood by the awning
Where the lighting was better in the first place
She would not have had to endure
This burn
That made her wonder
Maybe that valet
Was checking her out

Erik Carlsen is a sophomore at Pacific Lutheran University and is always elated to be read, especially in Creative Colloquy.