“Let Her Speak” by Rucha Nimbalkar

Time and again its proven that she is not a witch
She is pure
let her speak
Her work shows that
she deserves to be heard
she is not a free loader
She is divine, she gives birth
She brings ideas to life
and gives them worth
She is crazy
Not to be taken easy
her strength will make you hazy
She is not an object
to touch or play
She is more than her size,
Her color, her shape are just a cover
beneath all that lies a lot of caliber
She is funny, she is witty
she is not born to please everybody
even when she is alone, like the sun
she shines and needs no one
She is a warrior, she is the Queen
she is rising and will always be in (fashionable)
She made sure all her sisters get equal rights
she won’t give up a worthy fight
She is magnificent, noble
the list goes to infinity
Rucha Nimbalkar writes poems to express herself or they write through her. Nimablkar enjoys the creativite process. She wrote this poem and from it flowed all the things she had always wanted to say, she had said and she wished she had heard when she was a kid. She dedicates Let Her Speak to all the amazing women around the globe making lives easier for others.