Life on the Water by Cindy Hutchings

Vessels beach
give up their charge
among the mudflats
along the shore

they remain upright
face the channel
that never empties

watch the trawlers
passing by

await familiar steps
of captain, crew

familiar voice ringing
all aboard

yet mainstay droops
downrigger cable stiffens
hull melds with watery grave

only passengers
barnacles, starfish,
resting gulls

their seagoing spirit
quietly pushes off.

Cindy Hutchings‘ first poetry chapbook, Tree Talk, was published by MoonPath Press. Her poetry is shared in print with Espial 2012 and Gifts of the Great Spirit, Volume IV: Legends and online with Quill & Parchment and Whispers. She graduated from Green River Community College with an associate degree and high honors, and from University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in English and women studies. There she was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa Society. Hutchings is a member of both Northwest Renaissance and Striped Water Poets, and she helps organize poetry events in her community. She writes passionately about current events, nature and social causes.