Nostalgia is a Taxidermist by Christopher Allen

Nostalgia, the original taxidermist
Stuffs skewed memories into happiness
Hides imperfections of pain under varnish
Revives distorted stories from barren time.
Nostalgia bronzes the few remaining butterflies
and prepares to glue shadows of solidarity.

Familiarity is the head mounted on the wall
It stares at the jumpy microbes in your soul
and begs for one last cigarette to self-combust.

Nostalgia, the decorated taxidermist
Traces the shapes to immortality
While it plucks off strands of animosity;
Nostalgia sculpts pride from muscles of tradition.

Nostalgia, the avant-garde taxidermist
Plasters heredity into redacted eras
Plants modern ideology into extinction.

Nostalgia captures the breath of perfection
As lavished desires break frigid glass
Absorbing fingerprints of tasty dreams.


Christopher Allen

Christopher Allen believes poetry is a defibrillator for the mundane. He calls himself the Curator of Hope, as his goal is to spotlight the hope that resides in everyone. Chris has been in the helping industry for fourteen years and in his spare time, operates a private Hypnotherapy Practice. He resides in Tacoma and always has the itch to travel the world. Those interested in hypnosis can see his website