Oh Sandy My Sweet Love by Fishspit Willie

I asked God why He made the Earth.
“So humans would have something to stand on.”
That is what he replied, void of any mirth.
“You’re joking!” I exclaimed. “Nope” and “Begone.”
Perfidious women, fool feeble God,
Young sniveling shits, un-requited love.
The mark of Cain and the chastening rod
Leave me no peace and des’late I must rove.
Once I had a love so sweet and gentle.
Oh Sandy! My sweet, kind, sincere . . .
‘Twas not enough for you! You needed metal!
The flash of fame and fortune . . . vile veneer!
You despised for grass much greener.
But will you find the taste a trite meaner?

Fishspit Willie is trapped in a world that does not love him!