“Pacific Grooves” by Nadine Nabass

Come, lie with me
It is just a matter of time before
The ocean pulls us away again

We must melt together like resin
Filling the wood grain grooves
Of a familiar coffee table
We, pale bodies, like marbled driftwood cities
Afloat, in the distance
There is nothing out there but us
Nadine Nabass is a young writer living in the Pacific Northwest in Federal Way, Washington. She has been published in Pierce College’s 2017 and 2018 editions of the Student Literary Arts Magazine as well as featured in the Maudlin House Writers of the Week segment. She regularly performs her work in the Amman Poetry Slam (as she is currently abroad) and back home at Real Art Tacoma. She currently runs a website entitled sonadinewrites.com as a means to archive and share her creative work such as poetry, blackout poetry, spoken word, activist art, and prose.