“Pure Vision” by Dawn Ellis

I am present


In this moment,

Just after 6 a.m., in

Rumpled clothes

From yesterday

Thrown on to

Meet the empty beach,

Before the noise of

The day begins.

When peace like a river,

attendeth my way…

Squinting at the morning rays,

Sunglasses forgotten,

I have pure vision of

Blue bay

And sky, of

Golden morning and

Two retrievers

Walking with me.

Blessed hope,

Blessed rest of my soul…

I feel the comfort of

Steady crunch,

Tennis shoes on

Beach rock and

Paws of my two friends

Padding alongside.

They stop to roll on

The sun-warmed beach and then

Spring up to sniff everything,

Especially crab shells.

I hold my face to the sun’s warmth

And breathe deep the

Fresh salt air,

Relishing the slight breeze on

My face and tank-top, bare arms.

Whatever my lot,

Thou hast taught me to know…

I am present here,

Where the kayaker

Paddles alone

Silently, on

The glassy bay, where

The heron stands

At water’s edge

Sharp-eyed, fishing, and

The dogs wade.

I am present here, where

The dogs still, to

Watch the kayaker and

The heron, where

The dogs hold their noses to

The breeze to breathe in


I breathe in


Thou wilt whisper

Thy peace to my soul.

I hear the

Drip of

Water run-off,

Seeping through and

Down bulkheads.

I am present here.


It is well…

Stepping on

Clam shells

Emptied by seagulls,

Walking around

Giant, red poison jellyfish.

The red, white, and blue

Yet waving from

House after house along the way.

It is well.

With my soul.

Dawn Ellis is a retired secondary English/Language Arts Teacher, enjoying the time, after a 37-year career. She has always loved to write and enjoys the opportunity to play with words. In retirement, Dawn, who grew up on the beach, housesits for friends and relative with beach homes. Walking on the beach is a passion for Dawn. It clears her head and brings great calm.