“Seeking Princess Jasmine” by Paula Davidson

Seeking Princess Jasmine:

A rainy Tuesday at Alma Matter,

nearly 5:30 p.m. in early February.

I was on the couch and I felt it when you walked in.

In that moment, Epiphany! What I heard was clear.

It’s all love that moves us here.

I couldn’t have planned it.

Sitting there savoring the first moments.

Surprised to behold the love lost flowing through you.

I want to see you again. In any capacity.

You are a gorgeous energy,

held together with synergy.

Boiled down what I felt and it was chemistry.

Jasmine, will you find me?

I’d like to be on the road that leads to the likes of you.

A vision of soft and subtle.

You ate beans for dinner and had my favorite pencil.

#2 Ticonderoga

What would I write, given a moment-redo?

Hmm, let me start by trying to be smooth like “Girl, how do you do?

I want my sails taken by the way you move. Mast down.

Your stern has a vibe.

May I deep dive,

head first into your brainwaves?”

Damn, feeling all lit up

I spilt what was in my cup.

Honey, do you know?

Will the stars align and let me find a way?

Dear Princess Jasmine, a woman seeks to like you!

Paula D is out here in these streets picking up good vibes that can’t be beat. She sweats, she grows, she touches. Testing out the writing waters she expands into experiments with words. She is an apprentice with Fools Play Improv here in Tacoma. When not tending to cannabis plants, she practices as a licensed massage therapist, takes long walks, and heads the efforts for Trash Talk Tacoma. There is other stuff and to that she says “Let’s get on with it!”