She Tore My Heart Out and i Love Her by Josh Kilen

The day was filled with sun-kissed joy
When I first saw you
Standing, waiting, for me
Could I be your boy?
Clearly I was just your stupid toy.

Did the window sill mean nothing to you?
Holding hands, hidden kisses,
Was it all an act?
Was none of it true?
Give me back my heart cut in two.

You say God told you we can’t be one
He spoke, somehow
And now we can’t.
Why do you want to run?
Making excuses that can’t be outdone.

Now I play our heartbreaking song
It turns and grinds
My heart into dust.
Were you joking all along?
This all just feels so, so wrong.


Josh Kilen writes really great books and awesome poems that no one reads because they suck and don’t get his vision. Someday he’s going to be really famous though and show them all what they’ve been missing. In the meantime he hammers away on his vintage Macbook Air, pouring out his heart and soul into his next literary work of art.