“Sincerely, Your Emotional Poltergeist” by Lucien Vedego

This is an open letter to anyone who has ever dishonored my presence or done me
I mean you no harm but,
when you look at me
I hope you forget what home feels like.
I hope all memory of your mother’s touch dissipates
as your eyes meet mine.
I hope my pupils feel like it’s one hundred degrees
and there’s no shade in sight.
But only for a moment.
I just want to hold you in that presence that you missed out on
because you decided your attention needed to go elsewhere
while you left me to fester in your rotting wreckage.

I just want to bring to your attention that your fleeting intentions
have consequences you can’t even imagine.
I want you to look at me,
drop what you thought you knew about this vessel completely,
and see fifty nights of staring at the ceiling,
paralyzed in your feeling,
second guessing every breath you take.
I want you to know that I only want the best for you.
Because if I wanted the opposite
I’d become a composite of all that I stand against.
This is an open letter to all the people I invested my trust in
only to witness a bitter
(but received and accepted)
lesson unfurl as a result.
I wouldn’t be what I am now without your treason
and I think that’s reason enough to speak my mind.
My steps are stronger and my path is clearer than ever,
but I still hope you hesitate to cross the threshold
next time you come to my home.
I hope you quiver with a feeling like fever
and lose all train of thought
when you have something gold.
I want to invade on your highest passion
with an action
that stops your a-ha moment as it starts to unfold.
And lastly,
I want to hold you
and tell you everything is going as it should.
That you’re loved and appreciated just as you are,
no matter your strengths and faults.
Because that’s all I ever wanted when I felt my world
coming at me like a trash compacter’s walls.
Know yourself.
Know your influence.
Don’t be taken over by indifference.
Or else I’ll make it known –
believe me.
As this house is not a home
for you
to occupy.
Lucien Vedego is a multi-dimensional artist with work spanning the fields of music, painting, writing, acting, and modeling. All of his works stem from his mission to spread the messages of unity, vulnerability, and innate power. He is also active within the field of metaphysics, sharing esoteric teachings by holding space, as well as working as a Reiki practitioner.