Princess Silver Recap

Three days holding Rong Le captive, Wu You releases her and both have to face the consequences of his actions. Prince Wu You’s bodyguard was fighting off the men in black masks.

They need to form an alliance with the Northern Realm, otherwise, the soldiers will be all dead and gone and Western Qi will be in a state of Chaos.The Emperor had told her that there is a legendary book left by the Qin Family that was purported to bring greatness to a nation.Prince of Wu You was apparently an expert about it.The emperor made her take with him Xiao Sha to protect her.When she got to Northen Realm, she was welcomed by the king who asked her to remove her mask but she refused saying that only her husband can remove it on their wedding night as per the custom of  Western Qi.But her betrothed cannot be bothered to get out of bed, so the king ordered to bring him to him at whatever cost.So Prince Wu You was brought in still in his bed and all. He wants to know her more, but she thinks he knew her from Xiqi’s side. I was introduced to some new characters like Aarif Rahman so thanks to the team that put together such a nice drama☝The drama was interesting and too much twists.

He lets her hand go and reminds her his method.Heng Xiang remembers that she blocked the arrow for Fu Chou and leant in his arms. But Crown Prince thinks nobody can suspect him when he doesn’t have any evidence.

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 20, Chen Yu claims to support Rong Le no matter what decision she makes, and mentions Rong Le told her not to give herself to anyone easily. Zhao Yun sprinkles flour on the table, and Leng Yue blames her for did a disservice. Emperor mentions that Xiqi avoided the case of attacking Wei State, and asks Fu Chou if he heard something from Rong Le. But Rong Le rejects it and shares that she is a Beilin people now. Ling Yu’s parting words to Rong Le (which I thought was odd given her own circumstance) was to fight for love.General Fu escalates his plans for revenge and without realising it he tortures Rong Le (thinking she is Hei Xiang) and uses her to get back at Wu You.His plans culminate when he forces Wu You to surrender by poisoning Rong Le.

I had been eagerly awaiting the release of Princess Silver 白发 — marketed as the ‘perfect drama’ with a star-studded cast, compelling story-line and a good old fashion love triangle (Princess Silver is about Rong Le (portrayed by Zhang Xue Ying 张雪迎), a princess who wakes up from a coma without any memory of who she is or her life before. However, the possessive Wu You interrupts the wedding ceremony and tells everyone in attendance that Rong Le can only be ‘his woman’ as they had consummated their relationship and again abducts her.Rong Le shamed and held captive by Wu You in his mother’s tomb tells him that although they felt love, their relationship was a sham.

Rong Le laughs when playing fireworks with Zhao Yun and Leng Yue.Fu Chou spots it and wishes to see Rong Le’s smiling each day.

He warned the crown prince that he will never go easy on him ever again.He tried to see her at the tea but she was always out on business until Prince Chen cornered her and had tea with her.He then drugged her to get her to tell her background because they find her mysterious.As he blows the vapour from the wine towards her she became sleepy and sleepier. And there are lots of unnecessary deaths also. The king was so ambitious that he married another which broke his mother’s heart.Prince Wu You ended up at Rong Le’s tea house. So the refugees put down their weapons. Their father wanted them to describe their aspirations for the world and a false rumour spread that that book was a sacred book.While the pacing was problematic in the middle drama and there were just too many instances of betrayal and unrequited love, the message seemed to be good — that is, revenge is detrimental and will not right any perceived wrongs. Plot/Synopsis Recap Wu Yu thrills that Wu You found “Mountain and River”, and wonders how Man Yao found the book. Of course I didn’t like the main character wu you. In the end, Prince Ning Qian Yi is forced to kill himself, causing Zhao Yun a huge amount of grief.Importantly, it is disclosed that General Fu and Wu You are twin brothers, separated at birth by the scorned Fu Yuan. For those still interested, I have set out my Episode Guide below (starring  my favorite arcs) but beware there are ‼️ spoilers ‼️ –Set in the Western Qi, the first episode introduces some important characters connected to Rong Le. She told him that she knows that he is strongest one ten years ago, as there is a flame in his eyes. Help keep our site alive. This combined with the attention and acclaim Wu You receives after his successful mission in the south causes General Fu to go dark (very dark).Ultimately, it is revealed that General Fu is Wu You’s half brother — the son of the Emperor from an alliance marriage to a scorned Princess Fu Yuan– and has for years been planning a revolt. During this time together Rong Le’s memories come back.

He tells her to watch him with her heart, and grabs her hand. Featured Trailers. Wu You on the hand, believing life is more important than debt, drinks the antidote to persuade Rong Le to do the same. He is the real cause for all these sufferings. The part where Man Er took the poison when he was on a choke hold and he gasped for air and said “Man Er Noooo” was really heartbreaking even if it only lasted like 3 seconds.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.Well Intended Love | 奈何BOSS要娶我 | Chinese Drama | Review

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