N/A [gravityform id=1 title=false description=false tabindex=0] Designed for the U.S. military, carried by elite forces and proven to be the premier combat pistol.Some states have legal restrictions for the purchase of items so we need to ask for your location.Please enter a valid zip code. I now have the best of everything for the range outshooting all my buddies.My wife bought me this firearm for my birthday. Accuracy was close to “minute of soda can” at 6 yards with the other ammo in the HAM standard test pellet suite.Despite the SIG SAUER P226 pellet pistol being tested by HAM in cool ambient conditions, it’s pretty clear that the claimed maximum muzzle velocity is very unlikely to be met.The maximum muzzle velocity the HAM test gun recorded was 390 FPS for the first shot in the string of the lightest alloy pellets.

They boast unique, advanced features that stand out among the rest. This is because the SIG SAUER P226 pellet pistol is fitted with a cam-lever mechanism that positions and pierces the CO2 cartridge using what appears to be the rear strap of the pistol grip frame.