advantages and disadvantages of addie model

Development 4. Have you ever listened to the same musical piece played by different artists and felt differently? It lends itself to neatorganization as well. Think of ADDIE as an example of a model that works with instructional design. However, cultivating leadership practices within your classroom can be a challenging task unless you know how... For example, the ADDIE model front-loads as much research and analysis into the beginning of the overall design process, which allows developers to verify their assumptions early in the design process while delaying time or resources spent on actual development until those assumptions are verified and the overall development direction is finalized. However, this is not the case. 1. This addresses one of the fundamental weaknesses of the ADDIE model, which is the delayed start on actual development and implementation.

In addition, the Development and Implementation phases ideally would have reduced ambiguity in the ADDIE model, since the individuals performing the actual development or implementation should, in theory, know exactly what to build as a result of the Design phase already having been completed and verified.Despite the seeming advantages of the ADDIE model described above, the ADDIE model also has several inherent weaknesses. Empowering your students to take the lead and develop strong leadership skills is one of the best gifts you can give them. Even if these phases are being completed by the same experienced and well-informed individual or development team, separating the Design phase from the hands-on Development and Implementation phases means that there is a danger of making assumptions about what is possible or ideal during the Design phase that do not bear out in reality during the hands-on Development or Implementation phases.The Development and Implementation stages are rather late in the overall design process to discover any major design flaw and go back to the proverbial drawing board. Furthermore, keep in mind that many people consider ADDIE to be more of a label for systematic approaches to instructional systems developments, as opposed to something that anyone could see as an actual model.Nonetheless, there are numerous pros and cons to the ADDIE model that are worth keeping in mind. Despite having been used as a process to create instructional products for many years, ADDIE has been criticised by many as a rigid, linear model. Implementation 5. Analysis 2. It allows for the objectives or tasks to be defined clearly. ADDIE is a cycle. ADDIE stands for Analyze, Design, Development, implement, and Evaluate. When combined with the Action Mapping method for determining which content or activities are best in service of the overall learning objective, the combination of the SAM Model and Action Mapping can help the development process maintain focus on its overall objective while maintaining quality throughout every phase of development.Subscribe To Our Newsletter To Get Content Delivered To Your Inbox. Learn MoreWeaknesses of the ADDIE Model Let’s take a look at each step. The ADDIE model provides a step-by-step sequence of events in teaching an individuallesson. In my view, it is much wiser to do actual hands-on development (whether in terms of prototyping, developing some sample content, or even developing a functional early version of a new piece of educational technology) concurrently with the Design phase. Which is partially correct. This allows you to test the assumptions of a design with actual product or content development tools simultaneously, to more easily verify that the design is practical, possible, and that the remaining implementation will go smoothly.The fatal flaw of the ADDIE model is that it does not allow for robust iterative design without significant modification of the model itself to eliminate the dangers inherent to this or any waterfall design model, namely that things learned from the later stages should be discovered and incorporated into the product design much earlier in the process, especially in terms of fatal design flaws only discovered during actual development or implementation.The SAM model of instructional design attempts to introduce iteration into the overall design process. Evaluation Because of its linearity, the ADDIE Model can be considered a type of waterfall development modelin which each subsequent phase is begun only after its preceding phase is complete (although the Evaluation phase being placed at the end of the overall design model does not preclude intermediate verification of assumptions and evaluati… But the heart of a good product development model, including instructional design models, is to be able to iterate, identify potential problems early in the development process, and maintain a focus on quality (pedagogical quality, usability, or otherwise) at every phase, regardless of which development model is followed, without the workflow itself becoming an additional obstacle to overcome.In terms of the specific instructional design models covered here, the SAM model has clear advantages over the ADDIE model in terms of iteration, but care should be taken not to let the various feedback loops in the SAM model become barriers to the overall development process. ADDIE is short for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. The advantages of the ADDIE model offers is that it can be cost effective, time saving and promotes effective learning. I did not begin my career as an instructional designer. Analyze There are several variants on the SAM model, the summary of the SAM model and its associated SAM model process diagram from Allen Interactions are useful for the purpose of this discussion:The SAM model combines rapid prototyping and early development/implementation with periodic review and evaluation of the work in progress.

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