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They take dabbas to offices and schools and provide free food to homeless.”“Nani ji, I’m leaving!” Payal called out as she rushed to the living room, “Ma ji!” she called out.

I’m busy” Arnav said and resumed his work.Akash looked down and then said, pulling the last string, “We’ll be late to return. And while she tries to come to terms, Arnav gets to see a side to Arya he has never seen before.Chandini lets her hair down at the Sangeet, but things spiral out of control and Advay realties the extent of her trauma.As Arnav and Khushi reads excepts of the past, they mourn for each other’s loss, and make heartfelt promises.As khushi continues reading the letter, she is surprised at the way Ratna tests her. I agree ,there is the risk of losing the plot. Me and my family are good. “Manorama no longer complains about Payal bitiya” she said, “And never calls her khoon bhari taang!”“Everything changed here!” NK said leaning back on the couch, “Nannav, Akash, Payal bhabhi, di, mami, you….everyone has changed! Mami came out of the room and stood above the stairs. And if yes, then what is her reward. Your husband is my son! For Ayaan?”“Here!” NK forwarded Arnav a sandwich which he took. Now go deliver those dabbas and don’t worry about your little packet! Nourished with anger. And flamed with passion.Yet, their hearts were twined, their souls tangled. Opposites attract they say. But above all it was the clash of two worlds.Both fighting their attraction, yet falling hopelessly for each other.Theirs wasn’t a love that was meant to be. He saw others walking towards the car and he stood up.“It’s time to go. Arnav smiled and said, “Hello sir, your grand daughter?”“Yeah! The baby girl squealed and laughed and her grandpa tickled her.“Two” he said, “And you are? Arshi entered with aman payal shocked to see khushi with bags payal : khushi she just run in to her sister’s embrace khushi : di accually khushi is controling her emotions from home but after seeing payal she breaks down I promise I will not do anything which will hurt you'. Ayaan would get cranky without you!”Arnav looked up and Akash said with a pleading face, “Please come. Arnav smiled and walked to the girl.The girl was seated next to an old man who was reading newspaper. I trust your chance with me and ought to be one to be recollected warmly and I endeavor to give you an expert Bangalore Escort benefit in India.

He shook hands with Arnav and seeing her grandpa doing so, little Hiya extended her hand to Ayaan who was on Arnav’s arms.Ayaan looked at the girl’s hand and grabbed it with both his palms, pulling it.“Ah nahi nahi!” Arnav said and slowly pulled Hiya’s hands out of Ayaan’s hold.
Her straight black hair reaching her chin, she smiled as the baby touched her hair.Arnav felt a rush of heartbeats seeing the girl smiling at Ayaan.

Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, Crime, Paranormal Urban, Horror Inkitt is the world’s first reader-powered publisher, providing a platform to discover hidden talents and turn them into globally successful authors. I own a fashion house!” Arnav said.“And your son?” he asked looking at Ayaan who was patting Hiya’s legs for her attention.“Nah, my nephew! Hiya Harshid!” the man said smiling and lifted the girl to his lap.

Arnav - Khushi Fanfiction By Viji. Her face lit up as the boy giggled and she leaned to give him a kiss on cheek. Arshi FF Chapter 142 SMA – Surreal Connections – 2 Arshi FF Chapter 143 SMA – The Joker Arshi FF Chapter 144 SMA – Taking Over The Reigns Arshi FF Chapter 145 SMA – A Leaf From The Past – 5 Arshi FF Chapter 146

Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. ... Arshi FF Chapter 151 SMA – Trust you, Forever! “Kya huva? Check out Arshichamkili9's profile and read their latest books for free on Inkitt. Arnav chuckled and the boy turned to him.

Giving him a cheeky smile, Ayaan rolled on the grass and Arnav laughed.“Don’t dirty yourself Kiddo” Arnav cooed and lifted the boy in his arms, “Chalo, let’s go those children!” He stood up and walked to the kids who were playing in the park. Good day sir.

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. “What’s his name?” a boy asked and Arnav said, “Ayaan!”“Ayaan. Nice name!” a girl said and some patted his cheeks. Everything from one-five shot, Short stories and Fanfiction will be on them. Ayaan is very cranky but please make him drink it full and…..”“Payal Payal calm down!” Mami said laughing, “I’ve experience in looking after kids.

Authors can write and upload their manuscripts on Inkit for free and writers retain 100% of their copyrights whilst writing on Inkitt The boy pressed his palm on the grass and took it back giggling. Mami looking after Ayaan. But I don’t remember your name…”“Arnav Singh Raizada. Everyone has gone to their works” Nani said shaking her head.“Nannav and Akash to AR. Dear friends Some of the OSes are having two or more parts. But do read the sample chapters to get a feel of it.Arshi FF| IPKKND| Arnav comes back to Lucknow after fifteen years, and is knocked back by the memories of the past, mainly the ghastly moment when he mother killed herself.Arshi FF| IPKKND| Set Me Ablaze | Arnav relives the past all over, crumbling at the memory of the incident that left him an orphan, till Khushi falls into his lapArnav molests Khushi, but Khiushi shocks him by slapping him right across his face, but it is a moment that drives him out of his mind.Arnav Singh Raizada is burning for Khushi. My Page will be all about, ArShi, ArShi, ArShi....and Simply ArShi.

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