azur lane uss fleet guide

As a free-to-play mobile title made by Chinese developers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi, Azur Lane also has a … For this purpose, Norfolk is a subpar version of Edinburgh that trades Evasion (which is boosted by QE and Smokescreen) for a shield skill (which is not). With the first anniversary celebration of the side-scrolling shoot ‘em up video game This guide is meant to focus on some of the best choices for ships in your fleet, as All of that said, let’s take a look at some of the best shipgirls in As part of your ship’s Vanguard, Light Cruisers are a bit tankier than Destroyers and serves as kind of a middle point between the former and Heavy Cruisers. I do not expect the teams using these to be competitive though.DDs don’t have a very prominent role in HMS fleets. Unfortunately if you are unlucky this ability risks becoming a liability, as it could activate at the wrong time making it useless, for example vs low mobs right before the boss battle. Lucky E has a chance to activate when Enterprise launches an airstrike, and when it does, it deals double damage with that Airstrike, plus it will make Enterprise evade all incoming attacks for 8 seconds.There is another category of ships in Azur Lane, called Repair Ships. However, a maxed Ranger costs 9 Oil, which is the same as LB1 Lv80 Enterprise, all while dealing damage comparable to maxed Enterprise.The best support CVL in the game is also an HMS ship.
This problem is worse in PVP than in PVE. Ideally, she should always be your flagship in PVE to maximize the number of enemies hit by her barrage.Nelson and Rodney are the standard for BBs, with Heavy armor, a massive HP pool, CL guns for clearing suicide boats, and a powerful barrage. Finish the tutorial and claim your cute starter ship girl.

Excellent all-around stats and her Smokescreen make her a very strong pick, especially when paired with other escorts. Refers to a random or stochastic process.USS: United States Ship. This has proven to be very invaluable, surprised Atago,Ooshio,retro fit Yamashiro,retro fit ranger,retro fit foxhound and sovetskaya rossiya Great for low cost 1:1 farming teams.I would definitely recommend levelling both Nelson and Rodney, as the pair of them at LB1, no more than LB2, in two separate 1:1 fleets can clear all of the current content for cheap.The ship that makes HMS teams possible. Her Retrofit ability is Assault Mode, and gives her a chance to boost her Torpedo stat for 5 seconds every 20 seconds, which turns her regular Torpedo shot into a powerful barrage of fast torpedoes.As the name implies, Heavy Cruisers are the heavy hitters of your fleet. Then again, her evasion stat is pretty high, so she will be fine in most fights, unless you get unlucky. There are a ton of different things to do, ways to upgrade your ship… Generally speaking, their guns are rather weak compared to Light Cruisers’ but they make up for it with their powerful torpedoes, lastly, they are the most fragile out of the Escort Ships. Unfortunately she is quite rare, being a Super Rare ship, but finding her will guarantee you an excellent ship that will last for your entire game.Destroyers are light ships focused on speed. Azur Lane Guides. Try to unlock her Retrofit as soon as possible if you get her.Battleships have the most impact on your fleet’s combat power, and they are generally better suited to support your fleet rather than raw damage output. The ship pool can also make some great 1:1 or 2:1 teams along with some help from their USS friends.HMS PVE heavily relies on slow BBs, so be sure to always bring an SG Radar on one of your backline ships.
The Eagle Union is the in-game name for United States ships. Her HE guns are also no slouch; Triple 155mm is generally regarded as inferior to Twin 150mm TbtsK, but stacking bonuses from skill, armor types, and burn damage allows Belfast to clear chaff very quickly.Edinburgh is an excellent tank, but her mediocre damage limits her usefulness in PVE outside of manual play.

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