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Naive giants have the same work speed as green, but less stamina so those are no good.Also, a tidbit of information that you may or may not know, is that there are two kinds of green giants (or any green worker).They look identical, but if you look at their stats you’ll realize that half of the green giants have 25 stamina and the other half have 30. You need to get a total of 200% trained over the three bars to have a 1% chance at getting a dream horse.

But the 4/21/2018 Seeds can be purchased with silver from the Marketplace or from a Seed Vendor.

The colors will not fluctuate like they do for humidity and water.

You can view the Water, Humidity, and Temperature effects on different crops.Bddatabase also has a list of nodes that shows the If you open your world map, you can use the controls on the top right to view Weather details about the region that will help you in picking a location for farming.The cloud button called Humidity Information will show the most humid regions, which are a darker red. This will allow you to get 10 workers without spending any CP on lodging.Additionally, it doesn’t matter if they have low work speed, they’ll do the same job on farms. The colors will fluctuate a little as rain comes, but we can expect some regions (like swamps) to be more humid than others.The water droplet button called Groundwater Information will show the regions with the most ground water.

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With that in mind, you might think the best thing is to use a ton of Shabby Fences or Small Fences.

Last updated Jun 27, 2020 at 1:46PM | Published on Jun 19, 2019 However, you may be more interested in the rare procs from breeding, like Fruit of the Sun from breeding Wheat Crops. When you place the seed, a window will pop up showing that crop’s information.Arguably, the most important parts are the meters for temperature and humidity.Every crop has a preferred temperature it likes to grow in. Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower, Fruit of Yianaros, and Mysterious Blue Conch can be sold for 100,000 Silver to NPC vendors. This means you can do 3 harvests per day if your reason for farming is crop gathering.Fertilizer lasts longer since they get consumed slower by less amount of crops.Perhaps the single most crucial thing for farming is the fence.

There are those who enjoy just growing something that’s useful and getting farming xp slowly as it comes.Depending on the humidity, your crops have a chance to get blighted.

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To do this click the Farming icon on the top left of the screen.Pruning manually or letting your workers do it is actually a fairly important decision, so you should consider it carefully. It looks like it’s more a reflection of current and recent rainfall than what we normally think of as ground water (for digging wells, etc). Mysterious Blue Conch . You should decide this based on the following criteria:More or less in that order. At some point we run into a problem though — you can only have 10 fences total.This means that, depending on how much CP we want to spend, we have to balance our fences a little bit.Using this chart will give you the most plots for the CP you have available.This chart doesn’t mention the Shabby Fence.
Honestly, I don’t see how this helps farmers much. BUY NOW; TRY FOR FREE; CLOSE.

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1 conch seaweed = 1% to the training progress of one of three training bars. (If you find pressing the R key 4 extra times a hassle.

Regions with the highest ground water are shown as a darker blue.

After every x amount of time (a tick) it will roll for the healthy crops (based on % blight chance) and then update the status for the affected crops.If a crop is blighted, it will grow much slower than a healthy crop.To fix this, you simply need to walk up to the affected crop and hit “prune”. You can’t place a fence inside of Calpheon, but you can place one right outside)They generally have to be placed in grassy areas, but sometimes you can place them on sand (I’ve fit a 10×10 on a beach before).

Courser Elegance Training +1%. Training Elegance increases your chance of getting Diné if you succeed in awakening your courser. 42. Bdo dream horse skills ; Horseshoe that contains Krogdalo’s origin. save hide report. Go to the BUY NOW, TRY FOR FREE. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services.

Hashashin Sand Art more.

Most of the time, high-demand, white seeds are completely sold out.If you look at the drops from gathering Shrubs, you will find that only Olive and Grape seeds drop from them. Equestrians, Assemble!

Expect hotter climate (higher percentages for temp) in Mediah and desert areas like Valencia.If I am cooking in Calpheon City 8 hours a day, but the optimal farm location is in Velia, I don’t want to have to run across the map to prune my crops. share.

Courser Elegance Training +1%.

If they have high work speed though, they’ll get exhausted faster and then have to walk back to their town of origin.With this information, the conclusion for best farm worker is: green giants.

If it’s in a temperature the crop doesn’t like, it will take much longer to grow. In that case, you have to consider the availability of seeds on the market. Let’s compare the two.Given that information you should be able to make a reasonable decision on which you want to do.If you do decide to go the route of having your workers prune for you, there’s a couple tricks you can do.One thing that’s important to realize, is that farms are not nodes — meaning they’re not connected to any town. Archived.

Log in sign up. As stated by others it's for awakening your courser into a dream horse. Eminent’s BDO Farming Guide.

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