best m4 build tarkov

These builds work both with the AK-74 and the AKM, so enjoy amd let me know what you think! The weapon is a very popular option and this build allows good stats for no more than 120K roubles and all you need is level 3 traders for both Peacekeeper and Skier as well as Mechanic at Loyalty Level 2 Today’s video is dedicated to those with a limited amount of roubles or on a strict budget. The AP20 slug has the best penetration power, to ensure you make it through the armour.Buckshot is a spread of concentrated pellets that can still provide multiple hits at medium ranges, armour will defeat the pellets easily. The LRNPC rounds will dish out higher flesh damage if you prefer that.These rounds are used in a lot of pistols and SMGs – PP19, Saiga-9, MP5, and MPX spring to mind – and are definitely worth stocking up on.

Generally, they offer very low armour penetration but deal decent flesh damage per shot. These rounds are used by the Vepr AKM and VPO-209 and we feel it’s vitally important to point out the EKO is essential if you’re going to use the VPO-209 thanks to its higher armour pen and muzzle velocity stats – it’s still not quite a sniper.If you aren’t fielding the TOZ shotgun, then you’re going to be using these 12 gauge shells. Cole Andrews. The right rounds can make all the difference in a firefight, here’s what to load up withWith nearly 80 Escape from Tarkov ammo types for players to wrap their heads around, it’s not hard to see how tricky it is for new players to figure out what ammo to buy for each magazine, let alone what ammo is best suited for certain scenarios.

If you’re planning on taking your target down with chest shots then you’ll want to use the highest armour penetration rounds where possible – the SNB does a job on all but the toughest armours.You’ve got a whopping nine choices when it comes to picking rounds for your M4A1 variants, such as the HK 416A5, DT MDR, AK-101, AK-102, and ADAR 2-15. From Peacekeeper LL4, you can get the best 5.56x45mm ammo in Tarkov, the 5.56x45mm M995 which has 53 Penetration and deals 40 damage. It might not be as good, but a fully modded AK-74N can win you most fights close range and at a distance.

Escape From Tarkov. Today's video is all about how to mod the M4A1 to the best possible specification in Escape from Tarkov in patch 0.12. Figuring out the best build for an effective, low recoil weapon that fits your budget can be tough in Escape From Tarkov, so in this video I go over three recoil-focused AK build: one for running on a budget, a surprisingly effective mid-tier build, and the best-in-slot VLTOR AK. Jordan prides himself on one thing alone: being better than you at Rainbow Six Siege. This compact bullpup rifle, manufactured by Desert Tech LLC, was first shown off in 2014 which makes it one of the most modern weapons available in Tarkov. We recommend taking the TT with GZH rounds as a high penetration backup should you run out of ammo for your primary. About Post Author. The 12/70 Star Slug is the best penetrating round, even if it’s still low compared to most other calibres. Slugs are solid lead projectiles that essentially convert your shotgun into a rifle. This happy emoji with smiling eyes and smile on the.

It is much cheaper to buy an AK-74N and mod it completely than it is to purchase and mod an M4. This video shows you how to mod the M4A1 without spending too much money. As these are generally sniper rifle rounds you don’t need many, so we suggest kitting yourself out with the very best to ensure you see a pink mist rather than sparks flying off armour.

The Magnum Buckshot rounds will deal good damage, and if two of the nine projectiles hit an unarmoured body part it will be immediately destroyed.These chunky twenty gauge shells are only used in the TOZ-106 currently, but if you’re going for a budget run then taking some good ammo can make this gun perform very well. Avoid the PSO GZH rounds unless you’re only going up against flesh bags or are confident in the leg meta.If you’re using an SMG with a large capacity and high rate of fire, the Luger CCI rounds can overwhelm opponents with a hail of gunfire, while dealing reasonable damage and taking out mid-level armour through sheer volume.Specifically manufactured for the 5-7 pistol and P90 SMG, this round was built with penetration in mind. PS rounds offer slightly more damage against flesh without compromising too much in terms of amur penetration, so consider these a solid backup.Only two guns use this Escape from Tarkov ammo type: the AS VAL and VSS Vintorez. For new players just starting out trying to stack their rubles, feel free to refer to our SKS modding guides below for some budget friendly weapon builds to carry you through the early levels. The M61 will tear through armour, and while the M62 will handle medium armour with ease, it’s high flesh damage stats make it ideal for hunting scavs.One of the biggest calibres accessible to new players, the 7.62x54mmR can be loaded into Mosin, SV-98, and SVDS rifles. They are pretty expensive and tricky to get hold off, so consider BS rounds the next best thing with BT rounds a close third – they’ll deal with class 4 armour, but underperform on anything better.And there you have it, all the best Escape from Tarkov ammo types for each weapon.

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