biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream

Please call: Deliverance And Prayers Fire With Dreams Interpretation Ministry - Copyright © 2010 - 2020 Evangelist Joshua Orekhie. Sometimes we worry about our work, family or how we are perceived by others. It can mean that you are not ready to accept a certain aspect of your own personality.You are refusing your own caracteristics and you are keeping them repressed.Actually, it can be a sign of a spiritual communication between two persons. To kiss a kitten in a dream indicates you are focusing on relationships in life. Emotional. If you are single and you dream of a celebrity kissing you on the cheek this can indicate changes on the horizon. Perhaps you are in touch with your hidden and deepest desires in the dream state? Expression of love and spirituality. This could be for a range of reasons such as job, not having enough time for yourself alternatively worrying about how you are going to overcome everything you’re going to aim for! Naturally, you properly have woken up wondering what on earth that dream was all about!

It indicates you are looking to educate yourself. If you see yourself in the dream having a passionate kiss on the lips this can suggest that you need to review your love life going forward.So you have these dreams regularly? The kiss is negative in nature. If you are kissing somebody who is on their deathbed in a dream whether this is someone you know or don’t it can be emotionally traumatic. In order to identify what the dream actually means we need to go back to the basics, the core of “kissing.” Before we do so, it is important to also note that many psychiatrists believe that we all have an element of bisexuality within us. To dream of a homosexual kiss should not be taken in its literal sense. If you are kissing the baby on the forehead or nursing your baby in the dream then this suggests that you are feeling nurturing care towards your baby. We all have normal dreams about our own babies or pregnancies. This website can empower you how to pray against enemies for effective deliverance. The dream could offer an interesting perspective in waking life. The dream resulted in peace and harmony. The meaning of the kiss being lucid depends very much on who you kissed in the dream. As an expression of love, it is a positive dream to have!We have covered this earlier on in kissing the stranger,  however, kissing someone you don’t know in a dream according to Freud is connected to your own attitude towards yourself. It is possible that you are feeling lonely at the moment and that you don’t have anyone by your side.Also, this dream can mean that you are not satisfied in your current relationship, so you remember past times when you were happy and loved.Sometimes this dream can also mean that you are in love with that friend, but in most cases there is no romantic meaning of this dream.Alternatively, a dream about kissing a celebrity can mean that you are obsessed with that celebrity, so he/she even appears in your dreams.You have actually made a bad decision that will probably cause many bad things in your life.There is a person who wants to make decisions instead of you. If the dream of a lesbian is not positive it can be emblematic of difficult things that may happen or has just occurred in your life. It can suggest that others will provide you with confidence. This could not necessarily be a sexual passion but the fact that you are missing greatly. Let’s start with the experts so you can uncover the “official” meaning of kissing in your dream. To play kiss chase in a dream indicates you are feeling the need to connect with others. As we have already concluded in general “celebrities” are symbolic in nature it can just illustrate your desire, needs, wants and opportunities in life, not the actual celebrity themselves!If somebody is kissing your hand in a dream also denotes that you respect others. Freud analyzed many different “sex” dreams and determined that kissing was associated with the symbolic subconscious mind in our waking life. Positive energies. Did you kiss somebody that was dying in real life?

The feelings of the dream were positive in nature, especially when you woke up in the morning.

The kiss itself can also suggest nurturing and feeling at ease in life. Have you ever been considering starting a new project? Perhaps you are feeling vulnerable. To leave a lipstick mark on somebody’s cheek indicates that you don’t want to feel tied down in life, but you want that everlasting support from.The most important thing to realise is that the dream is not literal in its sense, in that you’re not going to get back with this ex-partner. To kiss with the tongue can also illustrate that you have passion for the future. If you are kissing an ex-boyfriend from school or you are going back in time in the dream, this indicates that there are many different feelings that you have your past which is currently making you feel vulnerable. To know the person that you kissing the dream overall suggests that you have a great friendship with this male. I do believe that if you do dream of the crush that you will eventually either be together all move on somebody else. You maybe lacking ambition and drive in waking life, which is sometimes normal. The dream could be rather like a story that is going to focus on a specific course of action. In your dream, it could mean that you are kissing someone you know, someone you don’t know, or even an animal or object. To press your lips on someone or to use tongues can denote the following: passionate affairs, romance, and attraction. I bet you are wondering why and what they are all about. Do you remember at school trying to understand the best way to kiss? The type of kiss. If you didn’t enjoy kissing someone or being kissed in your dream, such a dream might reveal some anxiety and dissatisfaction in your life. It can provide an indication of how people feel about you in waking life. What type of kiss was it? If you are kissing women that you know in the dream who is a lesbian it denotes that you'll eliminate difficult times in life.

The dream is connected to relationships that you have and the sensation that you will be excited about a great gift. But what does it mean to be lonely? If so, then it is a wake-up call in order to review how you feel about people. When we kiss someone we form a bond - spiritually. To enjoy kissing your ex-boyfriend in a dream can also symbolize you may miss them.

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