bug that looks like dust

That didnt kill them either but afew days back I found something that worked an seems to be the only hope I got so far. I think I will treat myself internally as well as I’m not 100% sure it is just on my skin. I have used the Fluconazole tablet , 150mgs (for yeast infections) clears things up for the time. Read so many horror stories – searching/researching. If you really wanna know about this then I suggest taken the time an watching this. There is probably a very small amount of people who will believe your infestation, because its complex. Best of luck to all.Hello Everyone. I have taken 3 different samples to the OSU Extension Center, and finally the sample i took yesterday was “enough” for them to sent for further analysis. And oh yea don’t tell blind DR.’s they will think you are crazy if they can’t see the anttena from the lint things(I don’t think bother any one and I think they are usually always their any was). Its hard. Our solution was eliminate everything in your environment, wash clothes after every time you wear them put in plastic bag, soak in borax and soap, dry in dryer and bake in oven at 300 degrees, this includes bed sheets daily. There’s some awesome advice on here, thanks! I went to my Dr. with a few samples. I have not told nobody what I been going through. I said THAT’S IT somethings wrong I can’t afford to get bit again because I have diabetes. It smelled very strong & instantly warmed up on my skin. Get rid of all carpets. I thought “you little buggers are thirsty…how would you like to got outside and play…? When I inject drugs it gets really bad.But heating on high, windows slightly opened, dehumidifiers and I’ve also bought two dust mite machines they stop them reproducing have helped.I used bi carb on carpets and I steam everting porous with a mixture of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, citrus, denatured alcohol (or white spirit) and white vinegar.No more hairs trying from my head trying to crawl into my nose or mouth.I’m gonna keep perusing until I win. It doesn’t bother me – just do a VERY little bit – too much is suffocating. have even tried to convince myself i am delusional but something always shows me i am not it makes me sad & at times furious that a fox & uncaring neighbor have more rights than i do. I don’t, know what to do someone please e-mail I need help are just someone to understand me.I too have these biting things. Again I didn’t see anything moving.

If you survive the night take another shower and exfoliate. I have seen these little buggers come out of her skin first hand after applying hand sanitizer gel. Unfortunately we are unable to identify a pest that we can not see. This is what I did May 25th 2012 . I have been wiping, cleaning everything. THEY ARE FREE LIVING IN THE SOIL AND ATTACK PESTS OF ALL KINDS INCLUDING ANY PARASITE THAT IS FREE LIVING IN THE SOIL OR AT LEAST ONE OF ITS CYCLES IN THE SOIL.) The organism responsible for Lyme has more flagella and is be researched as a stand-in for Syphilis since that organism cannot be cultured in a lab. Paranoid maybe delusions I don’t think so. Nothing is working. When disturbed, Cockroaches are a problem all over the country, but especially in big cities.

etc… we basically tried every product that someone, somewhere suggested might help.. And unfortunately NONE of it did much to stop the toture. I will have to do this until it clears. Had exterminators 8 times who dismissed what I was saying only saying “lint” or “crumbs” and they are dead so do not worry. The more you stay indoors, the more you may be prone to dust mite complications. I have tried so many chemicals and numerous other methods.

The probable source/ cause of morgellons is yet to be determined… but its the kind of thing you really need to take the time to look into for yourself….

i have every symptom that everybody has explained!I’m very worried for you as I’ve been in your shoes and often am there again and again.

DON’T towel off. !LLa tengo seis meses de tener este problema llo me quejo mis hijos dicen no es nada hadecer alguna medicina le da alerjia pero no es cierto pus toda mi ropa esta llena de estos bichos y me pican la ropa de cama cuando la cambio sale como polvo y tienen puntitos negros parecen estar muertos pero cuando los quito seme pegan en la piel semeten devabajo de las unas me da miedo porque tengo ninos y hay veces se rascan lo pero es que asta en la ropa interior estan llo e comprado ropa interior cuatro veces solo la uso dos o tres veces y la tiro pues es terrible las picaduras llo limpio mi cuarto con blechs con pinesol amonia vinagre blanco la verdad es que lla me tienen alvorde dela locura mis hijos no me cren pues ellos solo miran la bolita de hilo me dicen solo a udted la pican las cosas estan lla en toda la casa le digo ami esposo que fumige tampoco hace caso el mueble donde esta mi ropa el dia que lo limpie con cloro saque un monton de aserrin se los comente y me dijeron eso es de cuando se sacan las gabetas por fabor diganme que puedo hacer lla vino una persona pest control y le encene loque habia colectado y me dijo llo no miro nada es alerjia lo tu tienes.I have had the same things that everyone here is describeing I went to the doc they gave me scabies medication as they did most of you but now it has been almost two weeks and it is back to itch time it gets really bad when I am in the heat. Well , I checked my clothes as well and dried them 2wice as normal they will go away. Try to catch your breath and understand the why. Go over board or you won’t get rid of them. I never found any dead bugs and the 3 visits from the exterminator showed no bugs either.

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