can bearded dragons eat pill bugs

While earwigs are generally not toxic, you shouldn’t feed any earwigs to your dragon.While you can put Echeveria in your bearded dragon’s tank, you shouldn’t feed it to your bearded dragon. Bean sprouts have a Ca:P ratio (1:4), while normal green beans – 1:1. Offer yogurt to a bearded dragon which has parasites or is receiving medications, which can impact the gut flora. Your dragon shouldn’t eat honey too often though – it is high in sugar. Some common human foods are toxic to them! This is because egg yolk is high in fat and cholesterol, which isn’t healthy in big quantities. No, pine is toxic to bearded dragons. Even feeding fuzzy mice (with not a fully developed skeleton) is not safe. Yes, bearded dragons can eat plums, but in very small quantities are only occasionally. Gem lettuce is a small version of larger Romaine lettuce, which is not very nutritional for your bearded dragon. Re: Can i feed Pill Bugs aka rolli polli by wes » Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:07 am I had googled this topic when we first got our beardie, and I recall reading somewhere that they commonly have parasites. That is because broccoli is goitrogenic, so offer only once in 10-14 days. Ca:P ratio in the fennel isn’t the most optimal – 1:1.1, but fennel is high in Vitamin C.Yes, your bearded dragon can eat figs.

Make sure cicada is not too large for your dragon – it shouldn’t be wider than the width between the dragon’s eyes. Yes, your bearded dragon can eat lamb’s lettuce, but only occasionally and in small quantities. Spinach is very high in oxalates, so you should even try to avoid it in your bearded dragon’s diet altogether if possible. Add some fresh (high in moisture) alfalfa in your dragon’s salad few times a week.Hens and chicks are non-toxic to your bearded dragon and you can use them in your dragon’s tank. No, your bearded dragon can’t eat butter! The behavior shouldn’t be discouraged since it is one of their strategies for rehydration.The only downside to these daily baths is that they often encourage beardies to empty their bowels into the water – which is good for their digestion, but not-so-great for your list of daily chores.Sometimes you will have to change the water a few times a day, but if it makes it any easier for you – it means your beardie is happy and healthy.You can put a drop of water on their nose anytime you think they could use a drink.

Peanut butter is too high in fat and protein. Yes, your bearded dragon can eat kale, but only rarely. While your bearded dragon can eat some lychee fruit, they are very high in phosphorus compared to calcium (Ca:P ratio of 1:6). Any type of onions are toxic for bearded dragons, and spring onion is a young onion. Yes, your bearded dragon can eat Morio worms (superworms) as a treat. In general, you shouldn’t feed baby mice, because they are high in fat (can cause fatty liver disease), hard to digest and can even cause choking or impaction.You can only offer baby mice (pinky mice, without any hair). Yes, your bearded dragon can eat raspberries, but only occasionally. If your dragon eats the centipede/millipede without being bitten, there is a high chance that it will be fine. Avoid altogether.Your bearded dragon can eat jicama (Mexican yam bean) as a snack. Don’t offer often – only once in 2-3 weeks. No, your bearded dragon shouldn’t eat ice cream. Silkworms make great feeder insects, as they are soft and easy for your dragon to eat and digest. The shell of the baby African land snail should be soft and less than 3-4 mm, but even better – peeled off. While stinging nettle leaves are edible, you should avoid feeding many to your bearded dragon. September 6, 2015 Uncategorized Chris. That’s because the apple skin is hard to digest. Artichoke hearts are an occasional food, not the staple.Artisan lettuce is often a mix of various types of lettuces. Meat should be lean.

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