cory catfish diseases

This fish was first found in 1830 by Charles Darwin in Rio de la Plata Basin, the largest basin in South America. The caudal fins of the fish have fine spots sprinkled over them. algae-eating fish you may want to know about before keeping them in your So, keep this fish with colorful and calm schooling species such as:Never keep vicious, large and fighter fish in a tank of this fish who can harm the fish in an adverse way. If it is normal, give your fish the OTC antibiotics for their dweller and it prefers taking rest in the day and staying active at night. ‘doras’ means skin. Updated August 6, 2019 Author: Mike - FishLore Admin Social Media: The Corydoras Catfish, or Cory Cat, is an excellent addition to most community tanks because of their peaceful nature. If you're having problems keeping your fish healthy, or the fish don't seem to be well, of you have some other type of emergency, this is the discussion board to post in. their weaknesses too. After one look at these transparent fish it is clear why they have become so popular in the aquarium hobby. He is almost a ghostly white and his one eye looks like it's bugging out. liquid soap for cleaning the tank and avoiding the harshness.No need to change the water of the tank regularly, just change 10-15% of the water in a week and 20% of the water in a month to maintain the quality of the water.This egg-laying fish has a tendency to eat their own eggs after laying it, so set a separate tank for the eggs and the newborn fries. Also, arrange caves that will act as a hiding place for this shy fish. does not suffer from respiration problem.This fish never attacks any species, instead, it hides in the cave or behind plants when it is threatened or attacked by any predator or large fish. This fish finds food with a school of fish because it loves group activity. This fish dwells in a shallow stream, so slow-moving water with soft sediment is required for this Catfish. The name Corydoras is given because of the thick skin cover Cory catfish diseases Admin March 12, 2020 Although primarily associated with Corydoras catfish, red blotch disease can affect a wide variety of benthic fish, including loaches and other types of catfish. They are peaceful (almost shy) so pair well with these calm fish.Corys can also live with other types of Catfish, such as ottos or plecs, or some other types of an animal such as snails or shrimps.Because they mostly stay at the lower levels of the tank, they make perfect community fish and can be paired with other peaceful fish.However, despite being armored they should not be kept with aggressive fish. I have three bronze Cory catfish in a 3 gallon quarantine tank. Sick Cory Catfish 7/26/05 Hey gang, I'm back to seek your advice once again. between 72-78°F (22-26°C).Avoid keeping acidic water with

I just got him on friday and acclimated it together with another cory who's doing fine. Corydoras Catfish, Cory Cat. Get the OTC medication to kill the fungi off.To keep your cory catfish healthy, do not forget to when it needs air. There should not be a long-time gap, otherwise, the fish may be affected with malnutrition.There are other bottom-dwelling Usually, they consume food by sucking up the In catfish farming, effect of mortality due to disease may be severe. This bottom-dwelling fish is not very active and it prefers living

check them regularly. Robert Woods is the creator of FishKeeping World, a third generation fish keeper and a graduate in animal welfare and behavior.
food with its mouth by digging it from the ground in the wild. Cory Catfish are peaceful, easy to care for and often, one of the first fish that an enthusiast will get. If you see your cory catfish looking like this, it is caused by corneybacteriosis. aquarium for this bottom-dwelling Catfish so that it can comfortably take rest

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