element 115 cloud chamber

A back engineering program began in 1979 of the remaining hardware and technology.” The following is an analysis of the way some types of UFOs travel, its the rubber sheet explanation of space-time manipulation by Bob Lazar.“Assuming they‘re in space, they will focus the three gravity generators on the point they want to go to. Now, to give an analogy:  If you take a thin rubber sheet, say, lay it on a table and put thumbtacks in each corner, then take a big stone and set it on one end of the rubber sheet and say that’s your spacecraft, you pick out a point that you want to go to - which could be anywhere on the rubber sheet - pinch that point with your fingers and pull it all the way up to the craft. Sounds interesting. Well, its food for thought.“Element 115 is a superheavy element found probably on a planet of a binary star system. Because it’s been puzzling me ever since I clapped eyes on his drawings, is that the “gravity wave generators” radiate some sort of energy beam below the craft THROUGH THE SHELL CASING.

The makers of the craft and providers of the fuel were from the Zeta Reticuli star system. And as you already know the stronger the electric field the stronger the repulsion - the stronger the acceleration.The quote below was taken from an old webpage of Bob Lazar’s - and for more detailed information see his Reactor and Microwave Analogy webpage if you can.“The disc is one of nine, given to the American government in an ‘exchange’ program in the early 1970’s. “Element 115 is a superheavy element found probably on a planet of a binary star system. I built a cloud chamber as well and in mine I am using 4.3 kV (which is an overkill as my positive mesh is 4 inches above the active zone) and it works really well! In this way the hull could be used as a very efficient waveguide, not merely to focus the beams but more advantageously to regulate their shape or to give a predetermined delay between one beam and another.This is how it could be done:  Whereas normal dielectrics have microscopic particles and interfaces, the “artificial dielectric” can be made to have metal strips (or rods or spheres) of macro-scopic size constructed into it in the form of a lattice. In the other mode of travel - where they can travel vast distances - they can’t really do that in a strong gravitational field like Earth, because to do that, first of all, they need to tilt on their side, usually out in space, then they can focus on the point they need to with the gravity generators and move on. You can’t exceed it - not in this universe anyway. The most common liquid is liquid hydrogen.

The phases vary from 180 degrees to zero ... in a longitudinal propagation.”So if, by analogy, we assume that the gravitational wave is similarly structured to that of a sinusoidal electromagnetic wave (there is some evidence to suggest that gravity waves are structured as an electromagnetic wave). If you can picture space as a fabric, and the speed of light is your limit, it’ll take you so long, even at the speed of light, to get from point A to point B. Nonetheless, the cloud chamber is still a very valuable tool to look at particle interactions. Couple to this the fact that for every different angle that the waves pass through the dielectric hull a different effect of refraction will occur to the wave.

A bubble chamber is another type of radiation detector based on the same principle as the cloud chamber. With this technique comes the added advantage that the strips or particles can be aligned to the orientation of the required electric fields. Now call me old-fashioned but on this speck of the universe engineers just don’t do that sort of thing ... Having said that however, if the shell was constructed not of plain metal but of an “artificial” metal (of an artificial metallized dielectric composition), and the electromagnetic waves being used were of small enough wavelength, radio waves of microwave length being particularly suitable, then just as Lazar has implied THE HULL OF THE CRAFT COULD BE USED AS A LENS for focusing the electromagnetic waves. The difference is that bubble chambers used superheated liquid rather than supersaturated vapor. A honeycomb structure in the artificial “metal” would be ideal for this purpose.If you look at the figure, above, you will see three sections of the bottom of the hull, each having their own unique curvature. A bubble chamber is made by filling a cylinder with a liquid just above its boiling point. The Diffusion Cloud Chamber is used to view high energy alpha particles, lower energy beta particles, and electrons produced by gamma rays interacting with gas molecules.

In the first mode of travel - around the surface of a planet - they essentially balance on the gravitational field that the gravity generators put out, and they can ride a “wave,” like a cork does in the ocean. The Chamber allows for the viewing of cosmic rays without the need for dry ice or external illumination.

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