elite season 1 episode 1 recap

Tweet; Share; x; Pin; Comment; Elite isn’t exactly a hard-hitting drama, but it is raising awareness and erasing stigma about an important topic. Een zwangerschap zorgt voor ophef.

He takes his unwitting younger brother on a motorcycle ride to the construction company owner’s house and tags an outer wall, despite Samuel’s protests.Back at school, Marina invites both Samuel and Nadia to her coming-out-to-society party, to the chagrin of their classmates. Samuels bezorgdheid om Carla leidt tot problemen tussen hem en Valerio.Op de dag dat ze afstuderen is de toekomst voor meerdere studenten nog steeds onzeker. While Ander never learns his name, viewers by then know him as Omar (Omar Ayuso), Samuel’s friend from San Esteban and Nadia’s brother.At the party, Samuel finds himself in a bind. Lu vertelt opzettelijk een geheim aan Nadia. Marina found out about this arrangement and used it to blackmail Martín into not reporting her when he discovered her smoking marijuana.

Ander worstelt met zijn behandeling.Guzmán gaat de confrontatie aan met Nadia's vader. Marina's wietvoorraad wordt gevonden. De studenten kijken naar hun toekomst, maar ze worden achtervolgd door de nasleep van het verleden.Carla wordt verhoord na een moord op een feest.

But given how much twisty drama the show packed into its first eight episodes, you may need an Elite Season 1 recap before hitting play.

When Season 1 opens, Las Encinas high school is welcoming three new students to its attractive student body: Samuel, Nadia, and Christian. This tangled web of desire culminates with Polo seeking out a sexual encounter with Christian Guzmán's and Polo's best friend Ander is dealing with secrets of his own, since the tennis star and principal's son is secretly gay. Although Guzmán clearly loves Nadia, Lu is able to swoop in at the last minute and reassert her control over him when he's most vulnerable.The third and final scholarship student is class clown Christian, who immediately develops a crush on the haughty but beautiful Carla. Ander feels like an outsider, too, because he’s not actually rich. When they get home, he yells at Nano for making things worse for him. But she assures him, “Todo va a ir bien.” (“It’s going to be alright.”)Flashback to four months earlier: It’s Samuel’s first day at Las Encinas, an elite bilingual prep school.

The trouble is, she's already in a relationship with Polo, who she's been with since they were 12 years old.

When he and Marina end up getting in an altercation, he grabs the trophy and bashes in her head, killing her; Carla and Christian then help him cover up his involvement. However, they soon start bonding.

Although she takes Samuel's virginity, Marina finds herself more attracted to Nano, who ends up getting her pregnant. Ander en Guzmán maken ruzie met hun partners.Rebeca plaagt Cayetana met wat ze weet. After the roof of his old public school San Esteban collapsed, the construction company paid for three students to transfer to Las Encinas as a PR stunt.Samuel is joined at Las Encinas by fellow newcomers Christian (Miguel Herrán), an irreverent class clown, and Nadia (Mina El Hammani), a high achiever who faces discrimination not only from classmates but also from the principal for being Muslim. Find out when Elite season 1, episode 3 recap: “Que le puede pasar a cualquiera” Elite isn’t exactly a hard-hitting drama, but it is raising awareness and erasing stigma about an important topic. Als Guzmán het geheim van zijn zus ontdekt, zint hij op wraak.De laatste momenten voor de moord worden duidelijk. We'll call it If the ensemble cast has a nominal protagonist, it would be Samuel, the main focal point for the various goings-on at Las Encinas. Mina El Hammani is clearly going to be the breakout of this show. Rebeca's moeder biedt Samuel een baan aan.Onder druk van zijn vrienden wordt Polo overweldigd door schuldgevoel. To the kids of the one percent, Las Encinas is their playground… and Samuel, Nadia, and Christian are their new prey.Of course, thanks to some intriguing flash-forwards, we know none of this ends well. 1. Unfortunately, while Marina is stringing Samuel along (and taking his virginity), she also develops a crush on his bad-boy older brother, Nano. Elite Season 1 Episodes... s01e01 - Welcome; s01e02 - Desire; s01e03 - Saturday Night; s01e04 - Love is a Drug; s01e05 - Everyone Lies; s01e06 - Everything Will Be Okay; s01e07 - Everything Explodes; s01e08 - Assilah; Elite Show Summary. Lu assumed she would be the top student and win the trophy at the end of the year, but Nadia's arrival means she actually has to work for it.It doesn't help that Nadia begins a blossoming romance with Lu's on-again-off-again boyfriend Guzmán. Elite season 1 recap: What happened in the first series? While Marina is furious with her father, she’s also disappointed with Samuel for giving in to his demands, though she doesn’t know he’s covering for Nano.The episode reaches its climax during a subsequent fight between Marina, Guzmón and their parents concerning Samuel. Nadia probeert Guzmáns drank- en drugsgebruik op creatieve wijze te beperken. Guzmán agrees to keep quiet about Samuel.The next day, Marina goes to Samuel’s house to let him know that Guzmán won’t be an issue. Polo grows increasingly jealous of Carla's attraction to Christian… but which of them he's most jealous of becomes an open question. What will happen next to these messy, sexy kids? There's a murder by the pool, a bloody trophy, and no shortage of suspects. Although he eventually admits to Lu that he's fallen in love with Nadia, after the death of his sister Marina, a grieving and near-suicidal Guzmán once again falls into Lu's seductive arms.Lu is used to getting whatever she wants, which is why she's so befuddled when she starts losing both her boy toy and her academic trophy to Nadia.

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