ex army land rover review

In my mind’s eye, I could see myself hauling six decks of cattle across the Barcoo.I reluctantly rolled into the hurly-burly of Brisbane 3609km later. I placed a bid, then another. After all, I’d just increased the power output of the Isuzu mill by a large margin, and if there was a slight weakness in the driveline somewhere, churning through the sand was going to find it.So while I sat under a tree contemplating what the next four days of two-wheel driving was going to look like for me, I thought I’d call ahead and book the Perentie in for an axle upgrade ASAP. Defender 130.
I, however, did things completely arse about, and bought one for substantially less in Darwin, sight unseen – which, of course, you should never do. A couple of months ago I had five in at the same time, and the place looked like a REME workshop circa 1995, but less tidy. And while I was at it, I thought I’d complete the Maxidrive axle upgrade process I’d started last year.

It sounds like you are driving a 3T rental truck you hire when moving house; not a four-wheel drive. I didn’t have time to explore too much as I needed to be back in Brisbane in reasonable time. Read more.

The guys from MR Automotive were going to get another visit when I made it back to the mainland.While its off-road capability may have been limited, I still managed to tackle the beach at low tide to get to Bulwer for supplies. With so much torque from near idle, an ‘A’ Spec Land Rover LT95 4-speed gearbox was the only suitable gearbox strong enough in the Land Rover spare parts bin – thanks to the inclusion of stronger tapered roller bearings. The same information is available on our main website at I stopped.

Spending just a few days with these vehicles really gave an insight into what they would have gone through on a daily basis just piloting these war machines.

These 4x4 and 6x6 workhorses were designed and built in Australia exclusively for the ADF and feature, on top of the usual Land Rover kit, a 3.9-litre Isuzu engine, a 2.5-inch suspension lift, and a galvanised chassis.All goods are sold on an as-is, where-is basis, though transport can be arranged for a price.Land Rovers sold through the Sydney site are ready for rego with a NSW blue slip.

And while I’m loath to treat specialist businesses as a free information resource, I finally bit the bullet and had a yarn with Brad at KLR in Sydney – these guys specialise in Perenties and really know their stuff.So, with a Queensland safety certificate in my hand, the Landy was soon wearing a set of shiny new number plates. The vehicles are all ex Dutch reserve stock. Birchanger, Essex. I explained my predicament and old mate kindly offered to tow me back down to the beach ... not the most dignified of journeys.I should’ve expected a development like this. Busted knuckles ahead.2020 Defender takes on the wilds of Africa - Video ReviewWe head to Namibia’s wild west coast to drive the new Defender.Deano takes a leap of faith with an old Defender.

These vehicles come with a NSW blue slip ready for rego, and it’s an easier location to inspect the goods beforehand. By clicking the send button you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the Bauer Network Something wasn't right and your enquiry was not sent. Buying an ex Army Defender . To commemorate ANZAC Day, we road-tested two very different Land Rover Perenties… and have the bruises to prove it!It was about about 10am, and I was driving through the western suburbs of Sydney in an Ex-Army Land Rover Perentie.
All Rights Reserved.A squirt in the dirt and the Land Rover Perentie was as much at home as its Outback lizard namesakeA pinhole in the canvas top was in danger of turning the roof into a spinnaker, but a bit of superglue around the edges stopped the rot I’d happily own it and drive it every day of the week if only my wife and bank manager agreed.We wanted to make special mention of all members of the Armed Forces, past and present, for their contribution and sacrifices made for our country. Plus, it had been too long since I’d ventured across the bay to one of my favourite weekend getaway destinations.It’s hard to be in a bad mood as the ferry churns its way to the island – wind in the place where my hair used to be, a fresh espresso in hand and the glowing beaches of Moreton just peeking over the horizon. If you are interested in viewing or purchasing a vehicle, please do give us a call so that we can help you with your particular requirements i.e. “I suppose if you’re going to get stuck on Moreton with a two-wheel drive, a Land Rover is the one you want.”. It’s as the troops would have experienced them in warzones, as well. As the 4BD1 is essentially a truck engine it has a long, flat torque curve from about 1000rpm, but take the revs above 2200rpm and you’ve pretty much run out of torque. At least nobody would be able to hear me singing!As I rolled out of Katherine the next morning, it finally occurred to me that I was going to be crossing through some fairly remote country.Dave had wryly suggested that I take the Savannah Way, which had its appeal (read: ‘remote dirt road’), though common sense finally kicked in. When you opt for diesel instead (as we did), the fuel economy is impressively good – hovering around the low 12L/100km mark.The production Perentie (as it was nicknamed) on this test was exactly as you would expect to purchase at auction from Australian Frontline Machinery. The standard clutch is barely adequate at the best of times, so I opted to go for a heavy-duty clutch while I was at it.After a long week of unbearable anticipation, the day finally arrived to pick up my revamped rig.

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