feg sa2000m for sale

- All sales of non-firearm auctions are final.Note: There is only ONE firearm represented in this listing.These guns are being sold as is, and do not qualify for the Supplemental Lifetime Warranty.Winning bidders who do not honor their commitment to finalize the sale, will be restricted from future auctions.An $8 discount will be applied to additional like guns that are won within a 3 day time period that can be shipped together.

I recently Traded for a mint SA2000M with manual + 8, 10rnd magazines. JavaScript is disabled. I'd never seen a live round do that before. After accepting transfer from your local FFL dealer, you have FIVE days to request a refund in full. Okay it is a single stack SA2000M. Come join the discussion about optics, builds, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Firearms Auctions processed by BudsGunShop.com on behalf of PropertyRoom.com.New guns include a manufacturer's warranty. Handguns and long guns don't ship together and therefore can't be combine.A $3 discount will be applied to additional accessories auction won within a 3 day period that can be shipped together.Due to the weight of our ammo lots we are unable to provide any discounts on these auctions.You will need to contact us so that we can combine multiple auctions.Firearm Pickups at our Retail Store in Lexington (Must be a KY Resident for Handguns ): $20 transfer and handling fee. The hardest part was to put the new latch in while trying to compress the spring and install the pin. I''ll have to take some close up shots, but here's an overall pic of what it looks like now:Thanks for the pic, the mag release looks like it would be quicker to hit and make mag changes faster.Thing to understand about SA2000 is that trigger guard is placed/riveted FURTHER away from the front trunnion than standard AKM spec.I ended up taking mine to Firing Line and letting them do the conversion. $24.95 +$9.60 shipping. I've added a scope rail & Belomo 4x24 scope, & feel no need to convert it for higher capacity magazines (I also own a SAR-1 for High capacity). Used guns are not test-fired and are being sold in their present “as-is” condition with no warranties expressed or implied. They came with 20 round mags, but 30 and 40 round mags will fit. $38.70. Since I only have two mags anyway the conversion is looking like the way to go. Did you end up having to change out the bolt after all?I never had to change the bolt. FEG Receiver that says made in Hungary. The description contained herein is believed to be accurate and complete to the best of our knowledge.Please thoroughly inspect your firearm at your local FFL dealer before accepting the transfer. With my replacement lever in place I scribed where the new hole needs to be and where it's center is; then started with a small bit started drilling and moving up in drill size.

I widen the mag well and the mag guides but did not remove the trigger guard. That's what mine used to do! Can you folks tell me about their quality and whether it's worth $650?

Its better known as the AMD65, and it accepts standard AK mags. I just bought a SA2000M and I'm thinking of converting it as well. It is a beautifully made & finished rifle, & also very accurate. Those that mind - Don't matter.Be who you are, Say what you feel. Also had to replace the bolt as the bottom of the original bolt was narrowed and it would not feed both sides of a high cap mag. A discount of $5 will be applied to subsequent guns transferred during same visit.Accessories and Ammo Pickups at our Retail Store in Lexington: A 25% discount will be given on the listed shipping and handling charges.Buyer pays for shipping expenses Just ground down the plates between the receiver bottom to get the mags to rise high enough for feeding. Then replaced the mag catch with a Chinese one that I had riveted a tab to. After some choice words and 3rd try I got the new pin in, then just carefully widened the pin ends so it doesn't go out of the new hole. FEG R61 9mm Makarov ORIGINAL POLYMER GRIPS AND SCREW REPAIR PARTS, MADE HUNGARY. 1 - Nice 7rd Magazine Mag Clip For Feg Pa-63 - 9x18 Makarov F102.

I have had several AMD-65 (TGI/FEG as well as Century), and I really like them, especially the TGI/FEG, but I don't know anything about the SA-85M. Source(s): find mags feg sa2000m: https://biturl.im/oFNZy. Those that matter wont mind. It is a beautifully made & finished rifle, & also very accurate. Triple K 7 Shot Magazine Fits Feg Pa63 Pistols In .380 Or 9 Makarov 2019m 3 Shp. I have noticed these rifles increasing in value recently - with the original 10rnd capacity.Be who you are, Say what you feel.

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