free garden pots near me

I now have a beautiful planter that holds 30 buckets and they are all full of herbs and veggies. I have an amazing hubby.If u live on the west coast and near a frys food store or u live towards the east krogers go to the floral dept… they have plenty of really nice black buckets. Way to go! lolActually a little. Recently I needed some packing peanuts to fill the bottoms of some over over sized flower pots. I plan to grow them in the tube for 5 weeks until I can plant them in the ground. I send packages of FREE-bies and CHEAP-ies to my oldest DD in the San Juan Isalnds. I asked her what she was going to do with them and she said I could have them. Our county extension office even has a water saving workshop you can take as a homeowner and they give away a free rain barrel (with spigot), water drip systems, compost set ups and compost thermometers.

But I wanted to keep planting, and needed to add a bed or two in the yard, which is sloped. No luck, either. I love your simplicity! We also give out the produce we don’t need to cook with if we have too much. I’ve got three beautiful build gardens with very little output. Stackable and super easy to store – and you can reuse many many times.I’ve gotten a variety of sizes and shapes containers as well as flats at my local cemetary. YEARS ago I – um, I mean, a “friend” – used to pick up the 3-day shipping boxes, turn them inside out, tape them back, and use them for regular shipping! I kept my open for sales on strapping and packing tape — hated it when I had to pay full price — most drugstores had the tape on sale fairly regularly and I stocked up when it was on sale.Mavis, how do you get the labels off the Albertsons bakery white pails. I scored over 200 5 gallon pots and several dozen 1 gallon containers as well. I used a lot of them to split perrenials for a charity garage sale.I reuse my K-cups. I’m getting ready to make some trellises out of wire mesh and rebar, but before I spend money on them, I’m going to scope out construction sites and see what I can get for free.And then there’s always Craigslist. My grandmother showed me this. I try and feed my family with $100 a month. I put some aside in case I needed them later and put the rest up on free craigslist. (Dog walking pays off!) One day I went to see what Starbucks had near their dumpster, and saw a lady with the Ann Taylor outlet unpacking merchandise in their office near the back door, which was open.
It was worth the hour or so sitting through the talk and they even show you how to make the rain barrel, with tips on where to possibly find free food grade barrels.Yes. An employee told me that if they were over heard talking about dumpster diving or seen doing it, it would be immediate job loss! I have collected soooo many Pots, Flats and big Containers over the years that it is now time to scale down! Great score!Yor’re so BRAVE! Works for me.I save pickle jars, run them through dishwasher to clean them,but the lids still smelled . It gets the smells out of the frig.….use some salt and some dishwashing liquid and water…scrub, rinse real good and. No complaints about bedtime at all.Agreed!

All the same size and extremely strong with hand holes, there is hole in top and bottom of each box but sacrifice a damaged box to cover these. I recycle it all and I don’t have to go out and buy those same things most people put in the trash and then go out and buy it again, If you buy plants at lowes save the containers and reuse them. I talked to one of the sales people if I could have them at lower price or free (just to save those seedlings) – I was told that they are all for trash that they don’t give it away or sell it at lower price.

Let it stay for about a week. As our heads turned and looked down the row.

I was thrilled that they would not go into the land fill and I got something for free that many people throw out. I also scored over 2000 bricks for garden paths and a truckload of rabbit manure to toss in the compost pile.I am totally jealous of you getting 2,000 bricks. A good addition to compost or soil!Try baking soda. I love YOUR love of gardening, crafting, reading, and bakeries! You see, we make – I think it’s 175% within poverty level. I put my seeds right into the cardboard and keep it moist.

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