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A modern security awareness campaign lasts for at least 12 months and is focused on the key risks that the organisation is currently facing. A computer worm known as Once the worm had infected a computer, it was able to replicate itself to any flash drives connected to the PC, and then spread from those drives to other computers.The worm was introduced to solely target computers in an Iranian uranium enrichment facility, however due its rapid ability to propagate, it ended up infecting computers in 155 countries worldwide.The consequences of using an infected removable media device can have massive ramifications for an organisation. Immediately report loss or suspected loss of removable media containing classified, CUI, or PII to your cybersecurity liaison.

Apply password protection. %���� The attacker will often leave a malware infected device, such as a USB stick, in a busy place where someone can find it.The criminal will then rely on human curiosity to complete the scam and as soon as the device is plugged into a system, it will infect an entire network with malware.This is exactly what happened in one of the first ever nation state cyber-attacks in 2010. It encompasses key items like policy management, simulated phishing, user surveys, blogs and eLearning. For multiple users to edit an encrypted file at the same time, they must all be using Office for the web. Section A: General Information 1.

cabinets, lock boxes, etc.) What must users do when using removable media within a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF)?

Using Removable Media in a SCIF When using removable media: • Users must properly identify and disclose removable media with local Configuration/Change Management (CM) Control and Property Management authorities • Users shall comply with site CM policies and procedures • Media shall display a label inclusive of maximum classification, date of creation, POC, and CM Control Number Removable Media Risks The risks associated with removable media … How should you protect your Common Access Card (CAC) or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card? This ensures that any lost or stolen media with sensitive data on cannot be recovered.

MyCompliance provides unique functionality to manage these activities from a single system.Critical legislation and regulations such as the new GDPR or the existing PCI DSS regulation rely heavily on having the necessary policies in place.

How many potential insider threat indicators does a person who is married with two children, vacations at the beach every year, is pleasant to work with, but sometimes has poor work quality display?What is the best response if you find classified government data on the internet?Note any identifying information, such as the website's URL, and report the situation to your security POC.After reading an online story about a new security project being developed on the military installation where you work, your neighbor asks you to comment about the article. Ensuring staff read and display that they have understood these policies is the foundation of important frameworks such as:The personal information that you provide to us in this form will only ever be used by MetaCompliance (as the Data Controller) for the following specifically defined purposes:By submitting this request form, you indicate your consent to receiving targeted email marketing messages from us. To safeguard sensitive information and restrict access, all removable media should be protected with strong passwords. These are clever scams that rely on human weakness and individual error to obtain money or influence. Spillage of classified information.

1 0 obj 2.15.2. File corruption. endobj If this isn't the case, and the file is already open: In Office apps (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS), users see a File In Use message with the name of the person who has checked out the file. Criminals often use a popular form of Baiting, as the name implies involves luring someone into a trap to steal their personal information or infect their computer with malware. When unattended, the removable media should be stored in a secured and locked location (e.g. 2 0 obj What is an indication that malicious code is running on your system? In recent months, leading computing company A seemingly harmless portable media device has the potential to trigger a massive cyber-attack, even when the computer system targeted is isolated and protected from the outside.There are numerous ways for attackers to use removable media devices to infect computer systems and one of the most common methods used is through an infected USB stick.


Always use DoD PKI tokens within their designated classification level. Complete initial and annual NASIC Media Accountability Program training.

What should be your response?Attempt to change the subject to something non-work related, but neither confirm nor deny the article's authenticity.What should you do if a reporter asks you about potentially classified information on the web?Ask for information about the website, including the URL.A user writes down details from a report stored on a classified system marked as Secret and uses those details to draft an unclassified briefing on an unclassified system without authorization. Complete and sign the user agreement. endobj

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